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We apologize that you had some mechanical issues with your vehicle so soon after purchase. DriveTime does inspect and recondition all of our vehicles before sale. Unfortunately, with a used vehicle there is no way to predict when a new failure will occur. DriveTime offers a Vehicle Protection Plan which covers many repairs. In the event that a repair is not covered, DriveTime can sometimes offer assistance towards customer’s car payments for out of pocket expenses. If you require further assistance please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

I purchased a car from DRIVE TIME in July , and little did I know I purchase the WROST LEMON ever, and the dumb ***, wont fix or pay for it I only had my vehilce a month , *** I know but these big time corp, it a kick out of ripping people off, i hope they burn in ***, i have been nothing but inconvience by these people , and all they can say is I AM SORRY , BULL *** THE *** PROBLEM YOU ,i will let every female i know how they will rip you off i am so angry i wish i would of never went there

Monetary Loss: $13.

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it is true about drive time selling wrecked cars. you should alwayse check the car before you buy it. i say that because they sold me a ranger and it looked perfect ran great but the day after i bought it i saw a small dent in the roof so i took it and asked the to fix it of course they refused and since thats what i do for a living paint i decided that i would strip down the whole truck and fix every little dent ding or scratch and repaint the whole truck which is how i found all the hidden damage and bent frame


Drivetime buys wrecked cars that have not had an insurance payout. These cars and SUV's have bent frames that are not fixed.

Since the cars were not fixed with Insurance companies money.

The damage has no CARFAX paper trail. Then they sell them as "Perfect"


Drivetime is the worst place ever to purchase a car from. The cars.

Are nothing but lemons, that you pay on for years.

My advice to cusomers is to catch the bus before you make a purchase from them. No joke


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