I have a 2006 Jeep GC 3.7 that I bought in 20010. Ive had the same issue with the transmission since the day I bought the car.

They want you to go to "their" repair facilities because I guess they have a vendor list that they control to save them money even though we pay 3K over sticker for the so called "included" warranty. THey keep sending me to all these repair places and I get the same runaround. When I get the car diagnosed from a shop of my choosing that specializes in Jeeps, guess what, they seemed to diagnose it right the first time and have the data to back it up. I call DT warranty and they are rude and want to keep resending me to the same place again.

They say there's nothing wrong but I have 2nd and 3rd opinions that say there is definitely something wrong. Whats it going to take? I'm going to run out of my warranty and then I'm really in a pickle. Isnt there a consumer advocacy group we can take our problems to?

Maybe the attorney general's office. Dt is already making a 3000.00 profit from us paying 3K over full retail for the cars...now they don't want to honor their warranty??? I am NOT some uneducated person that they can take advantage of. I simply have had some challenges since the downturn in the economy.

If I had a choice to use DT or a regular dealer, it would have been the dealer. I should have never went to them for a car that had to many miles and was so expensive.

Lesson learned. I ready to hire an attorney!!

Monetary Loss: $18.

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They know they got you, since the downturn in the economy D.T knows they can get away with charging higher sticker price's and higher interest plus being rude once you sign on the doted line they know they got you, so what do they care about customer service, it's all about the money.


I agree. Their customer service sucks as well as the so called warranty.

Adding insult if the crappy repair shop keeps your car over night or longer they will not give you a loaner. You pay for a rental and they are supposed to reimburse you but who can trust that and how long would it take to get your money back.

I have refered 2 people to them will NOT refer anyone else. Wish I could get rid of them.


im with you on that! Im so pissed and hate drivetime so bad, again another lesson learned, they are the rudest people in the industry!

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