These people are truly a joke. My loan is close to being paid off, like with many people these days my husband lost his job so we struggled.

I started receiving calls when I was 1 day late. I received threats of repossessing the car, numerous calls at home my cell and work which I've told them not to call ( anyone know a good lawyer in Fl.cause I'd love to sue these bastards for harassment) I was told by one CSR (I know where you live.. I know where you live)I guess she felt she needed to say it twice, So being hospitable I offered HER to come on over but she wouldn't take the offer. They seem to enjoy the scare tactic but I'm not one who is threatened by this.

They act like the loan was theirs personally, stating when are you going to give me MY money.

It seems to make them madder when I laugh or tell them to go f**k there self and I have, their so annoying. If anyone needs transportation please buy a bike,skateboard or piggyback if you see a drive-time lot RUN.

Review about: Drivetime Loan.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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OOPS that was supposed to be (buy a dictionary) I was just laughing, I can only hope that when you and your other Drivetime colleauges (you do know what colleagues means don't you?? Wait let me make it easy for you DT CSR, Win u and yo's r lookin at yo commint they reaolize u aint to brite..


Oh this is to easy. In response to anonomouys 5/6/11 @ 10:57 You are without a doubt a csr at drivetime.

It's spelled ANONYMOUS, lol. your lack of grammar gives you away. And what is with that (they can repossess) oh honey do yourself a favor but a dictionary or thesaurus (no no honey thats not a dinosaur) If you can't afford the $5.00 you can use spell check it's free. You are just the uneducated people they hire.

You must be a winner. You go girl.

GO back to school that is. :) :) :)


it sounds like you dont pay your bills in most states now they can repossess your vehicle if you miss 1 payment pay on time and calls will stop .


This happened to me today! A CSR called me at my job today and after putting her in voicemail (I can't take personal calls at work) she called right back.

So I told her that she needed to hurry up because I was very busy (I was also pretty annoyed). She then said her manager wanted to talk to me and they took forever, so I hung up. The manager then called me back and was a COMPLETE *** saying that I hung up on her CSR and started changing up words that I didn't say! I clarified by saying, "NO, I said this.." and she continued on her righteous *** attitude saying I was high risk, didn't care if I didn't get paid in a week and said if this (conflicting)statement: "If you don't pay your car payment by today you will not have your car by tonight Ms.

_____" and then hung up on me! The WAY she said my last name was completely spiteful. I am completely in SHOCK at how viciously rude this MANAGER was and how she didn't even care that she made their company look like complete ***.

This company is downright HORRIBLE. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone and I WILL be very vocal about how much of a rip off they are.


I also have been harassed by them constantly... I have up to but not less than 4 calls n mesgs daily.

They call from numerous #'s n even block their # out so I can not c who is calling. They call my work which I work with inmates andd can not discuss my personal affairs infront of, but the last straw was when I found out they had contactd all of my neighbors!?! When the lady told me this I immediately went from sane to irriate!

How can they do this? It was one thing to call my refferances but my neighbors?

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