I went to purchase a vehicle from Drive Time on Decatur in Las Vegas. I was short from the original down payment they told me i needed so while on the test drive the salesman took me to some "loan" company.

In essence, i didnt have any checks with me but it ended up being a check loan. Now, I got diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go to phoenix for two months. My son had the payments but they wouldnt take them because he was a "minor". When I got back, i called and was told that I could not make up the payments that they would arrange a voluntary repo.

They would not under any circumstances take my payments late. Even with proof of the medical issues and the fact i was in arizona. So, my ex ended up notifying them when I was back and took the kids to him for fathers day, and they came and got the car. A company called Reliable Recovery had called the day before stating that a warrant was being issued for me and i was in serious trouble because of this situation and i lied on my application and everything.

I didnt lie, my friends and family just didnt think i needed to be harassed by some *** who in fact lies on the phone for a living. Once reliable got the car, they are now charging 75.00 to get my belongings out of it. cash only.

on top of that, i have this loan company which was actually a check cashing company calling about the double amount than what i borrowed, which is why i thought the price of the car went up 500.00 when i signed....i would stay very, very far away from them. they go through a lot of cars because they pick them up as fast as they sell them and they never once sent me a late notice, or one phone call to work or anything until they decided they wanted it back.

Review about: Drivetime Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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DT is the bank also, so its preyyt much a set up.

Stinson Beach, California, United States #171596

My roommate has been disabled for over 3 yrs and has been making her payments every 2 weeks, her loan was suppose to be over in July but she got cut off of workers comp and does not have any other income. DT has been harrasing everyone she knows, calling her land lord's phone and leaving nasty messages, calling my cell phone because I made a payment for her once but never calls her cell phone number which i verified they had.

She made a payment 1 day late and the guy she spoke to was so rude he made her cry, she was just calling them to tell them she had made a payment and to quit calling everyone else's phone number and to call her directly.

The guy acted like he was a debt collector but dude you work at Drive Time not a debt collection agency. Good thing I have good credit because I would never go thru a crappy company with no sympathy for people.

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