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Hello Alan,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I want to apologize for any reservations either you or your son might have regarding the status of his loan.

In reference to the overall amount your son owes on his vehicle, please know that we try to maintain a strong sense of transparency by providing each customer with a Federal Truth in Lending disclosure to each customer at the time of sale. This disclosure details the APR, the finance charge, the amount financed, the total amount expected to be paid throughout the life of the loan, and the total sales price.

Additionally, if either you or your son are looking to discuss payment history or payoff information in further detail, we would encourage reaching out to the lien holder directly at your earliest convenience.


Jacob – Customer Relations

Update by user Oct 21, 2018

Still not been able to obtain the Principle payoff balance.

Original review posted by user Sep 20, 2018

My son's financial situation has improved and he wants to pay of loan with Drive Time. He needs payoff principle on auto purchased three years ago for $15,000.

At $250 every two weeks for three years he has paid an approximate $17,000 on this loan; however balance app has balance owed of approx. $12,000. We all know that this is if payment period is for duration of the loan.

How can he get a payoff for just the principle? As of say 9/30/18?

Sadly I need one hundred words.

And sadly I hate to make threats.

But this is a simple financing request that he has been unable to satisfy through his Denver dealer. If the payoff request is not made I will help him file a complaint under Colorado's Consumer Credit Law.

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