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We are sorry to hear about your frustration with not being able to get in contact with the Lease Department on Saturday to have your vehicle turned back on. The Lease Department is opened on Saturdays, but only for part of the day. Please give us some time to research your account information and a Customer Relations Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns.

J.P. Customer Relations

My lease payment was due 2/27/14 on auto draft from my checking and my payroll was delayed so it was NSF.I called DT Leasing on 1/30/14 and was told my car would be off in the morning (1/31/14) even though I could make the payment the following day (2/1/14).

I was then told the car would be repo'd either (2/3 or 2/4 if payment wasn't made. I made my payment as promised on 2/1/14 only to find out the leasing dept ISNT EVEN OPEN ON WEEKENDS so I would have to go without a car the entire weekend EVEN THOUGH THEY GOT PAID. I called DT customer service and they cant help in any way whatsoever since its leased. Then the leasing website says they are open at 7am EST (which means EASTERN STANDARD TIME for MOST of America...not to DriveTime apparently though).

According to customer service, leasing opens at 9am EST!!!!!! I am BEYOND livid at this point. DriveTime is very deceptive...NONE of what I have been through was explained in my lease.

NONE.BBB is definitely my next stop, this whole situation is BS and there is no other way to explain it.

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People you can't allow them to scare you.Post a complaint on the BBB.

If enough people speak out and write the BBB and their Governor and other officials, DriveTime will be forced to change their way of doing business.

Charging 5 times the value of an automobile is highway robbery.Treating people like idiots is bad business.

Dallas, Texas, United States #782015

Interested in hearing the outcome of this issue.They were definitely playing unfair with you.

It was the same as saying, "We don't care about you. We hope you can't pay so we can take the vehicle and sell it again. Because you did business with us shows that you are one of many dumb Americans."

I highly recommend that you get your complaint on BBB.

There is another department that will work with you.But they will only speak with you after you file on BBB.


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