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on june 6 2012 i purchased a 2005 chevy trailblazer from drivetime in Roebuck. Two weeks after i purchased the truck the check engine light and the rpm needle was messing up.

I took the truck in and they replaced the thermostat and lied to me and told me that the rpm was fixed. its now August and the radio has stopped working when i fill the truck up the gas gauge goes off into the empty space. ihave to unhook the battery cable to get the needls to adjust correctly. I will never shop or buy from drivetime again.

i am looking to trade this vehicle in and get a reliable vehicle. I AM PISSED!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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DriveTime sucks. I purchased a car in 2009 and days later, the engine light came on.

Took it in to be fixed.

It seems as if every month there has been a problem with the car. Stuff that should not break now is broken.

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