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Hello Lance,

Thank you for taking the time to provide further insight into your experience. I am saddened that this experience has left you feeling disheartened with us. Please know that we inspect all of our vehicles prior to being placed on our lots. We also offer not only our limited 30 day/1,500 mile warranty but also a completely optional vehicle service contract. My team, Customer Relations, is here to look into these sort of situations. So that we can discuss in further detail, please contact us at (888)290-0148.

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Kaitlyn Vaughn
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A couple years ago needed to have a SUV quickly went to DriveTime credit not good found a Chevy Tahoe I should have looked over the Tahoe more closely than I did but was in a hurry to get a vehicle and now I paid for it almost everyday this truck has so much rust under it you can slap the rear bumper and rushed just falls out I've had nothing but problems with the steering and have nothing but problems with the whole entire brake system that I have to keep working on and then last night have to step on the brakes and blow brake lines so now once again for the several time I'm out of a vehicle because it has to go to the shop to get new brake lines put on and every mechanic that is ever looked at the truck for being a 2004 keeps telling me that this truck has more rust under it than any vehicle they've seen in a long time hard to believe that DriveTime people would sell a vehicle with that much rust underneath of it without really looking at it but I guess DriveTime looks at it in would probably say oh well your vehicle now will never buy another vehicle from DriveTime again I will walk first

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