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We apologize for the issues you have been having. If the late fees are caused by some discrepancy with your due date change the DriveTime representatives will be able to correct it for you. For further assistance please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

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I purchase my Windstar in November 2005. I have always made my payments on time.

In August 2007, Drivetime made me pay them $25.00 to change my pay due dates, due to my changing jobs and my pay schedule. They never changed my due dates in the system even though they charged me! Now they have started charging me late payment fees, extra finance charges, and I keep getting threatening phone calls from corporate. when I call to try and fix they tell me not to worry, they know what my real due date is, and they will fix it.

But then a week goes by and I get another rude phone call telling me that I am late. Last week my pay amount went from $7,900 to $8900.00 to $20,000. and now it is $9200.00.

If anyone can please help me make these people fix my rates let me know. Contact me at

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I think drive time are ridiculous with late fees and they tell you a pay daye can be change but mt payment would go up and extra 40 a month. Ill never ever purchase a vehicle through them again and I advise nobody to.


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