I bought a truck with my girlfriend from drivetime

here in Arizona. We went to drivetime and bought

a2002 Ford ranger pick up truck. For 13,056 and we

have paid on it for eight months and we still owe

12,500. the percentage rate is 49%. Can they do

that? They put the truck in my girlfriends name and

I am the one with the driver's license. Have you

ever heard of such a thing.The truck needed to be

repaired within the first 30 days of ownership. The

warrenty covered it. It has been ok since. What I

am pissed at,is that drivetime scared my 82 year

old mother.But trying to get her to give them her

banking info.They threatened to take our truck when I was only a half a payment later.

Monetary Loss: $213.

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Come on People! They clearly say they are a dealership for people with bad credit.

So let me get this straight...you go to them (probably cuz your credit is in the toilet)...you got approved...you picked out a car (high mileage car at that, probably some used avis/hertz rental car...they showed you a contract (hopefully YOU read it before you signed)...and now your *** about it?

Thats america for you. I want my govmint check and I want it now!


49% interest? OMG!

Didn't you read your contract before signing?! I bet you'll be paying alot of back interest at the end of your loan, in the thousands I might add. That is if you actually make to the maturity date. I have a hunch they repo it long before then and sell it at auction for a mere grand.

Then you'll still owe the remaining amount and they'll own you, you foolish man.

LOL! :grin

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