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We apologize if DriveTime is calling you incorrectly thinking you are a DriveTime customer. If you are still experiencing this problem please contact the DriveTime Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148 so that we can help correct this issue.

J.P. Customer Relations

I have no business with Drivetime, but when I moved and got a new number, they started harrassing me trying to reach someone with a similar name. I have requested twice now for this to be corrected, to please leave me alone.

However they continue to call my home. They want me to verify my information which I refuse to give them.

I have told them that at this point I am very concerned about my identity and it's safety and that they need to tell me what is going on, not other way around. I will continue to call and escalate this issue until I do not have to suffer their phone calls daily....and I really didn't sign up for this!

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File a complaint against them with FCC and Attorney General of your state.


hi depending on what state you are in I might can help you just go to and see if that can help u


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