Everything sounded good when purchased vehicle from them in February 2012 then in a few months alternator went out and that they covered then in August the coils and wires that were original on the vehicle which was a 2003 model went out and that was not under the warranty so that came out of my pocket then in October 2012 on the way into work it overheats the repair shop tells me that the water pump went out and when it overheated it warped the head gasket and the engine would have to be replaced. Drivetime's response was that the water pump went out because the engine overheated and that I needed to supply all of the oil change receipts/verification.

My error here and did not keep the receipts so I can not prove that I kept up with the necessary maintenance. I am no fool and I have some mechanical knowledge certainly enough to know that I am being charged $18k dollars for a 2003 vehicle that changing the oil regularly is important and I know that a water pump going out causes the engine to overheat not the other way around. Point being is that they offer this wonderful warranty and you will pay more with them for this vehicle (a lot more) than you would else where but you can count on them to keep you in a dependable vehicle, this is not the case, yes they are friendly and it is easy to purchase a vehicle from them but it is just as easy to purchase a car from any other in house financing lot and you will pay a lot less for the same quality of vehicle. All autos will need repair that is just understood, with bad credit it is hard to find a repair shop that will finance costly repairs if you do not have good credit - so what is a person to do?

Don't have credit good enough to buy new cars with good warranty and with poor credit can buy used vehicle that will need work and cant get it fixed because don't have good credit. Then companies such as DRIVETIME offer what seems like an acceptable solution, alas they are just as bad as the little car lots if not worse. At least with the small lots you don't get as many false promises. When the 1st repair happened I spoke with the repair shop and it was obvious in the discussion that they service ALOT of DRIVETIME vehicles and seldom was the warranty honored, they always seemed to find a way out of covering the repair leaving the purchaser with the expense.

So to everyone considering this company you should really do your homework and good luck.

One last thing... when I told them that I did not have the proof for all the oil changes nor the $3000 for the engine repair they told me my options were to either voluntarily return the vehicle as a voluntary repossession which means that I would have to pay to have the car towed from the repair shop to the dealership and if not then it would be repossession and both would be bad for my credit ...

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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You two, whether a company comes in get the vehicle or whether you return it yourself, it will still show on your credit as a repo. Either way, they had to take repossession of the vehicle.

Doesn't matter how it got there, they had to take repossession. Your credit score doesn't get into that kind of detail.

To the commenter, think about what you just said.

You take it back doesn't change the fact that you defaulted. Your contract was agreed to by you for terms x and terms x and you didn't keep it.


A voluntary repossession, is a repossession & DT reports it only as a Repo - no note as to whether voluntary or not. They have lots of that.

I drove mine in & handed them the keys, even a remote entry, that I paid over $100 for. It is showing on my credit as Repo only.

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