I just purchased a 2007 dodge charger not even 2 months ago from drivetime. Twice I have had to pay someone $50 to do a diagnostic's on my car to find the problem.

A problem I already knee what it was. Twice I have been told what was wrong (which I already knew) then told warranty does not cover it. Picture this... Going to hospital to do lab work.

Get in your car to go home to find your car won't shift out of park. Really yes really. We call DT warranty to be told we have to tow it to the same place I took it to last week and wasted $50 to see what is wrong with it. I know whats wrong with it.

It won't shift out of drive!! To make a long story short I found a man that would fix my car and it is getting done today. I will never buy from this company again. I will never send my friends or even my enemy to them to buy a car.

I should have just took the $6000 I put down and went to a Dodge dealer and bought my car. All because I didn't want all the hassle of finding financing.

Uugh so mad!! NEVER AGAIN!!

Review about: Drivetime Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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Mine was a combo of them all. I'm 2 hours from San Antonio, six months after I bought the car.

Engine blew. They replaced the engine but I had to pay for the tow.

Just got the car back, 4 days later engine light comes on and it won't shift out of third gear!!!!!!!! Suck my sweaty nuts DRIVE TIME


Well first off I pay my bills. Second of all what's the use of a warranty that won't fix anything.

You say at least they gave me a warranty. Warranty hasn't fixed any of the problems my car has. Last but not least.. I have fixed my car and gave it to my daughter.

I now own a 2011 dodge charger that I paid cash for at a Dodge Dealer!!! so stick that in your pipe and smoke A$$ hole!!


Atleast DriveTime gives you a warranty. Imagine how much they would have charged you if there was not the $50 warranty copay problem.

If you pay your bills and did not have *** credit, you would be able to get a car somewhere else. You should be letting drive time *** your wife for helping your rat *** get a vehicle when everyone else just laughed at you


But that is the thing. Yeah he will look at the car.

Yeah I have to pay $50 for him to tell me what I already knew my car needed but when it comes down to it it's never covered by warranty. Each time the person on the phone said my problem was covered but after I pay my money I find out it's not. Now my car is knocking! I have only had this car 3 months now.

Getting my dream car has turned out to be a nightmare! Drivetime can do more than suck balls in my opinion!!


hey at least theres a place that will WORK on your vehicle from drive time... no where within a 200 mile radius of my city, will touch the car bc of the warrenty.

They expect me to drive my car to san antonio for a diag..

and pay 50$ "copay" like its going to the *** dr. suck my balls drive time.


The same thing happend to me and I have the same exact car. but mine happedn 2 weeks after getting car. Diagnotics was waived but its just the point I had to go 2wice in a month for work

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