I agree, Drivetime is a horrible company and I cannot stand dealing with their employees. I had to purchase a car from them because my credit was ruined during my divorce. I regret it daily. Two months ago, I was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and my vehicle was impounded. I had every intention of getting my vehicle out of impound, and while I was getting my license valid, drivetime came and took the vehicle out of impound. They called and let me know they had it and I had to jump through all these hoops to get it back. Even drive to a city 2 hours away, where it was being held. Turns out it was because they repossesed it. For no reason other than it was imponded. I was current on all my payments and everything else.

I got my vehicle returned, but under the condition that I sign a "Modification Agreement" to the contract. They did defer 3 payments for me, during the time I was working to get my vehicle back because it cost me nearly $3, 000. While I appreciate them working with me to get my vehicle back, I don't appreciate their tactics.

Currently, I am fighting with them, because one of the payments that they agreed to defer, according to the terms on their contract that I was required to sign, they made me make, and accused me of being late on. I am pretty sure they violated their own contract, and will be speaking with an attorney.

If you can avoid Drivetime - do so, at all costs. It is not worth the time, harassment, and shady activites on their part to purchase a vehicle from them.

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dtemployee, are you really able to sleep at night? *** crook!


Companies like Drivetime are destroying the financial fabris of America by taking advantage of people who already living in a financial crisis. I wish that the government would look into all the payday loan companies and other crooked companies like DT.


They haved a right to pick up from impound, its their collateral, they have to protect it. The impound charges fees.


whoever is the "haha" *** named person. sounds like your a broke salesperson who works for drive time.

Get a real job, find a new vocab in regards to your selected words of use.

And Seek an overall change in your life. You might find peace..


:grin Hey ***. Don't drive with a suspended license then. Seems to me that you are the retard here.

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