I bought a car from Drivetime seven months ago. I pay $368 a month on my car and it has broken down on me every other month.

Everytime I call they are rude to me. No one helps me out... ever! Drivetime is the wose company ever.

If you are thinking about buying a car from them - PLEASE DO NOT!!!!!! DRVETIME ARE CROOKS!!!!! I just found out I am pregnant with twins and now I will be broken down on the side of the road every other month with two newborns in the back seat.

My car will continue to break down while they continue to collect their money. CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $14.

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HackTech... thank you for your kind words and your great advice.

I just got back from sitting on the side of the road again for two hours. This time, my engine light came on when I was waiting at a stop light and then it just died and wouldn't start back up.

I will have to do something very soon. Thank you HackTeck!!


Sorry about your car . You bought a used car in VA .

Not the best option. I don't know what you bought or how many miles it had but sounds like it was on its death bed to start. DriveTime is out to make money and they don't know anything about cars they are all bean counters . All that matters is the bottom line.

Make your husband drive that car for five more months until a year is up and trade it on some Korean car . Everyone gets approved for those now a days. If you know any daredevils you do live in VA find a deer and total that car . Heck find a dead one and tie it to a guard rail and ram it.I do work for DriveTime and duh is an *** but is probably just someone with no life and gets his jollies off being rude.

Congrats on your twins . I have a 14 month old . Kids are great. Try to get another car though if you can if its used stay under 30k.

If you have to stay with DriveTime tell them to find you a southern car with low miles there are not many but we do get them . They are rentals or what we call GSA cars which means government cars. GSA is best .

Better taken care of cars. Chevy Uplander is good.


Who are you to tell me I shouldn't have children, because I bought a car from DRIVETIME? Im sure your a DRIVETIMev employee like everyone else who left a commit.



Thank you for your feed back. Please be assured that at DriveTime we are committed to providing excellent service to all our customers. We would like an opportunity to address you concerns directly at 888-290-0148.


DriveTime Customer Service


If you can't afford a decent vehicle from an actual car dealership; then you should NOT be having ANY kids.

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