I have bought two cars from the Drivetime company. Their promise of a "no money down because ive had two cars payed off with us" wasnt kept.

I still had to put money down. They promise approval yet charge high rates of interest and the price of the vehicles are ridiculous. I thought they were supposed to help you get a good clean car at a good price. Once again taking advantage of the ones who need 2nd chance financing.

Not to mention I bought an 04' Dodge Durango from them only to have the motor go out on account of sludge in the motor! DRIVETIME sold me a "PIECE OF *** VEHICLE!!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Shangxi, Jiangxi, China #211976

I bought a Ford Mustang GT from drivetime. It had quite high mileage on it, like most drivetime cars, mine was around 70K miles when I got it.

The car worked decently for a number of years although the steering is a bit off...Recently at 120K (even though all oil changes were made on time with synthetic) the engine started making a noise. I don't know if it's a busted overhead cam or a lifter or one of the valves. I just know my performance mustang started sounding like a tractor. The noise is horrendous.

Drivetime is a terrible company that calls me 10 times a day if I'm slightly behind one week! I have never seen a more agressive collector than this! They keep begging me to get an extension in the rough times, but I refuse given the history of this company! They are very deceitful and just want to know where your car is located so that they can repo it!

That's why they keep begging me to take an extension, so that they know where the vehicle is at and they can send people to my home to harass me! I have not spoken with them in over one year! I just make sure I get caught up with they payments and I'm never more than one or two weeks behind! Now with my mustang broken I just don't know what to do!

Sounds like this company needs to be investigated for their bad practices and not treating customers well...There must be hundreds of complaints against them! Add another unhappy customer who paid twice what this 2002 Ford Mustang GT is worth!


I'm sorry about your bad experience with Drivetime. I'd love to discuss with you for an article I'm working on for the LA Times. Let me know if you're free to discuss.

Ken Bensinger

Los Angeles Times

213 237 5744


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