I Purchased An Over Priced Volkswagen Jetta 06 With Drive Time And Didnt Realize It Was Faulty They By Passed The System With A Glued Screw In The Place Of The Mass Air Flow Sensor The Car Only Turned On When It Wanted To And Left My Husband And I Stranded Countless Times Walking For Miles With Grocerys Because The Car Wouldnt Turn On. I Spent $1000.00 Out Of My Pocket Becacuse The Warranty Didnt Want To Fix It And It Still Doesnt Work I Will Never Buy From Drivetime Again And I Threw The Car In Their Lot

Monetary Loss: $16.

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DriveTime was requesting oil change receipts probably because the mechanic told them their was little to no oil in your engine. The claim was denied because you denied to maintain your vehicle


I too am having problems with Drivetime warranty. I bought an 02 Nissan Altima from DT Feb 2011 and the engine died in it 3 months later.

The repair shop submitted the claim and DT took 45 days or more to respond and give authorization to fix the vehicle. I was without the vehicle for 3 months. Once I got the vehicle back it was running but it was not running like a new engine should. I work 150 miles from my home so I traveled from my home to my job and stayed during the week and returned on the weekends.

4 months later the car died again and DT had me tow it to another repair shop a different one this time. I have not had me vehicle sine Nov and I called today after I stop paying for the vehicle to find out the stsus of the vehicle and they just informed me that the claim was DENIED and requested recipts for oil changes from the time I had the vehicle. I do my own oil changes and dont keep any recipts for oil I bought. They are looking for an excuse not to honor the warranty.

Well they can kiss my @22 if they think I will be paying for that car. If they get it fixed to my satisfaction or they can pick it up and we go to mediation.

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444125

:( Im having similar problems with drivetime and im trying to get something done about it...


I wasd approved and ready to buy a 4 wheel drive suburban from drive time in Irving TX.

When I went to look at it. I looked under the SUV.

It looked like they put a 2005 car on top of a flooded out chassis. They then said the car came from the east where there is salts on the road. I have a 2003 chrysler mini van. I have spent winters in MD.

My chassis looks fine!

They then said, I didn't have anything to wqorry about since the car had a 3 year warenty. I walked, and bought off of Craigs list.

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