So I went to Drive-Time in confidence that they would sell me a great used car.I bought a 2004 Kia. Two weeks went by and I notice that the brakes we make a very loud noise.

I went and had it look at by three different mechanics. All said the same thing I need new brakes and rotors. I called drivetimes so called warranty center, and told him about the brakes, not only did he tell me I was the reasons for the brakes being bad, but they would not cover it. I wouldn't have been so mad, but I only had the car for two weeks.

There's no way I round the rotors down to the point that they coulnd't be resurfaced. So thanks Drivetime for making me spend out 200 on a car that I just bought, and not to mention I have a belt or something thats making a loud noise every time I push the gas.

This car will be getting traded in. Stay away from Drivetime!!!

Review about: Drivetime Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have a feeling from the make and model of cars they have on their lot, that all their cars are ex-rental cars.


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We purchased a 2008 Chrysler Sebring from Drive Time in January 2010. Within a month, we had to replace brake pads and rotors.

The car has been back to our mechanic 2 additional times for complete replacement of calipers, pads and rotors. Our mechanic is stumped and Chrysler is stumped. Drive Time says they are wearable parts and are not their responsibility. Gee, 3 sets of brakes in less than 10,000 miles?

Really? Not responsible?

Currently, the car is sitting at the mechanic's in a million pieces. They are trying to figure out what might have happened to the car to cause our brake issues.

I'll keep you posted. :(


Drive Time gets their cars from the auction. So who knows what we are buying.

I have an 04 Chevy Impala that I purchased summer of 08 and you will not believe that I still owe almost $7,000 on the car. And when I first got mine my ignition switch was broke. The day after I got the car it wouldn't crank and I was on my way to church. They gave me the run around about fixing it.

I told then I was calling the BBB after I spoke the the GM at the location I got mine from in Tampa,Fl.

This is the second vehicle I have from them jerks and I pray it's the last. Good Luck!


I have the same issues.. I have had my car for less than a year and have had to replace the rotors within the first 4 months,a head gasket (just a few days ago) and a coolant container today.

Not to mention a passenger axle that needs to be replaced now.. This is all being done in less than a year!! I got the car at the middle of November last year! I also called about my rotors when I had them replaced and they tried to tell me that I was the cause as well..

Its ridiculous.. I have not been able to trade the car in yet...

But I will.. I surely will

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