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On 8/21/2010 I traded my old Drivetime vehicle in for the CHAMP program (No down payment and a better rate program), we asked that my Co-signer be removed from the process. Not only did Drivetime Clearwater Florida not remove the Cosigner, they lied about the vehicle I was looking for, stating it was not available, imagine my surprise when this other Drivetime location called the next week to see if I was still interested.

On 9/10/2010 I went to the Clearwater location to get the Cosigner removed and after sitting in the lobby for 3.5 hours, they finally had the paperwork for me to sign to place the loan in my name only (They are claiming they can not assure that the cosigner will be released through the credit bureau's since they don't deal with them).

My Interest rate was lower but to make sure they could increase my payments the changed me from every 2 week payments to twice a month payments, placing me over my budgeted amount.

If you have poor credit, I suggest you AVOID Drivetime and check with companies like or, which will treat you better than the crooks at Drivetime

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I would never refer anyone to Drivetime for a car because when I went to buy a car I STRESSED the point that I needed my car payments to be between 300-350 month due to other bills. The sales man came back and said how is 216.

so I said I could do 216 a month, signed papers and drove off. WELL... I make my car payment of 216 and 2 weeks later I get a call saying my car payment is due.. OH yeah so now I pay 432 a month.

When I went back up to the car dealership all the guy could tell me is that "you already signed the paper and it is to late to return the car". I have been struggling for the past 2 years and cannot refinance or trade in due to the negative equity in the car!


Drivetime is horrible; they've called my references pretending to be a propective employer, called me from a personal cell phone, faxed personal info to a co worker. These people need to be stopped.


Hello, I'm a reporter at the LA Times and I'm writing an article about aspects of the used car business. I was interested in your experiences with Drivetime. Would you be free to discuss? Please let me know.


Ken Bensinger

Los Angeles Times



Are you looking to file a Lawsuit aganist Drive Time?

Do you feel cheated or scammed?

Are you a victim of predatory lending?

Are you a victim of bad warranty or the old bait and switch?

Come join the Fight, If you are a victim of Drive Time so that

we can put them out of business !!!

****Lawsuits Nationwide****

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"They are liars and thieves!!!!!" Shelly you mention they are thieves and liars but they took the vehicle back and did not collect on your friends account. I think that considered honorable.

Kelly, if someone signed a contract to pay you on certain day of each week,month you would be calling them too asking where you money is. Pay on time and your credit wouldnt suck.

Tell your husband to get off the xbox and get a 2nd job. If his hours were cut he has plenty of time.


When my husband and I first went to Drivetime in 2008 we were pleased with the business. Now 2 years later I hate them people!!!

They take advantage of people with bad credit just to make it a person further in debt! After 12,000 dollars later we still have 9,000 to go!!! It's not worth it! You can tell them reasons why you are behind and they say okay but they call 24/7 every day.

Truck breaks down and we told them we need to defer some payments because of it, in order to do that we need receipts for the parts at least. The part is going to cost alot of money and we it will take a few weeks to get it. This morning they called me and started yelling at me but when I raise my voice I get threatened!!!! They are a scam and poor service!!

Don't anyone go to them. You will be in debt to the forever!!!!


Ok so I bought a car from drive time and was equally screwed!!!! I also tried their CHAMP PROGRAM which is a bunch of ***!!!

They were like no MONEY down and that was *** so the balance left on my car was like 2000.00 and they only wanted to give me 500.00 off and have me pay a 1500.00 down payment…. Some program… also my transmission went out and I took it to the shop… The person working on my car is a family trusted mechanic and he said “when did u wreck your car?” I told him I have not wrecked it before he stated well the whole side of your car as had work done and the only way you would be able to tell the work was done is by putting it on a lift!!!! WOW a car that had been wreck and they did not tell me!!! This is not the only instance this has happened a friend of mine just got the car and decided she would pull a CARFAX report and when she did it revealed the car had been previously wrecked and she brought it to DT attention they forgave her for the balance and took the CAR back!!!!

They are liars and thieves!!!!!

They sold a car under false information!!!!! Needless to say I am in process getting a CARFAX but every penny I have is already going to drive time !!!!


I agree, they are a total scam! They mark up the prices of their vehicles and charge an astronomical interest rate!

They are unwilling to "help", like they promise they do in their commercials! I am six days behind on a payment right now and they call and harrass me like it is money out of their own personal bank accounts! They told me in order to do a deferment (because my husbands hours have been cut) that I must provide them with access to my checking account for the next 90 days!

Ha ha ha....I think not! They should be put out of business and have a class action lawsuit against them, they are nothing but crooks!


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