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Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. DriveTime values the feedback we receive from consumers and will use this as an opportunity for improvement. Please know that these issues will be addressed. If there is anything we can do, please contact us at 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations

Does anyone out there know who ownes DriveTime Well two felons by the names of Ernie Garcia and Ray Fadel. .

They were involved with that Charles Keating case back in 1989 89 the saving and loan fraud and land fraud in 'Phoenix AZ. when they got caught Ernie decided to turn state evidents on Keating to avoid prision time. They think like a crooks so thats why they can treat poeple they way they do , rip offs, and they can sleep at night. Just waned people to know a bit about these people .Their price for used cars are way over the blue book prices , and the interest is just riduclus .

The cars are way over priced . and most of them Are junk .

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I am curious what store you work at DT SA. I think you are fooling yourself if you believe what you say.

The warranty which is needed with how these cars are is not worth what they say. And the intrests rates are crazy. The customers are sold an overpriced car with way to high intrest that they really can't afford.

That is why the repo rates are high for this company. Wake up SA.


This information is not only invalid, but sounds angry. DriveTime is a quality place to get a good car with bad credit - it's a second chance place.

The prices are a little higher, and the interest too, but sometimes that's what it takes to offer a 3yr warranty on a reconditioned used vehicle with bad credit. I'm just sayin'...


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