We went to Drivetime in Montclair, Ca and they were as nice as could be. We put down $1000 on the car, signed everything, and drove it knowhome.

Loved the car. Made the first payment on time and signed up for autopay for the rest. When the second payment came due, they never even attempted to take the money. We didn't know about the problem until a tow truck arrived yesterday morning and repossed the car.

When we called them, they said we had insufficient funds...which is a complete lie. We had ten times the amount they wanted in the bank. We said we would make the payment immediately and they told us forget it, the car was theirs, the money was theirs, and we had no recourse in the matter. Extremely rude for something that was their fault.

His name was Paul, for the record, and he's a complete ***.

Now, we are out a car and our money. These people are complete ripoffs!!

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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They did me same way now my kids have missed school and ive missed work due to them repossessing my car and not taking my payment.. Then on top of that my bloodpressure went up so high due.to them not working with me till I passed out and had to go to theer


Got my last two cars from drivetime. There will not be a third!!!Hate the company. Would not send my worst enemy to them



Good advice. I will contact the atty gen.

and see what I can do.

You are right; I should have done my research. Live and learn - I won't fall into this one again!


Why go to just the BBB? they do nothing as far as anytype of investigation.

Why not go to you local Attorney Generals office and file a compaint with them. That way if enough people do the same then they will do an deeper investigation into their practices. They are crooks which fly under the radar. You should have done your research before going to one.

The only research I had to do was price check the cars they were selling with Kelly Blue Book to know you will be paying $1000 to $2000 more for the car then what it is worth. Why would anyone do that. You lose money off the top right away, then a huge interest rate which you will never make a dent in the actual loan on the car. Then the car with break and they wont fix it and then you will try to sell the car and in the end will lose at least 75% of what you paid for it.

You are padding their pocket books while throwing your money away. And for people who are struggling I dont know anyone who likes to just lose money or give it to someone else for free.


Hey no name,

The only problem with your comment is that I have proof (official bank documents)proving the money was there. And, even though I have struggled in the past for money, I DO answer my phone - when it actually rings. Don't worry though, the BBB has all of my documentation and they will decide who is telling the truth.


What you forgot to tell is Drivetime must have tired to reach you at least ten times but just like anyone who is stuggling with money they do not answer the bill collectors. Make sure you have money in the bank before setting up auto pay.

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