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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any miscommunications or misunderstandings in regard to your protection plan or our pre-sale inspection process. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

Roxanne, DriveTime Customer Relations
New Roads,Louisiana
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I bought my car from drivetime about three months ago. Since then my car has filled up with water 3 times. once from an a/c problem, twice when it rained.

I took it to an authorized repair person. they would not cover this under warranty. I have spent $400.00 dollars in repairs plus my payments "on time"

Today my windshield wiper broke, when i looked at it it was hot glued together from a previous repair. so much for drivetimes great presale inspection. Ive been burned. I wouldnt buy another car from them if they were the last dealership on earth.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hay...I've also had similar problems with drivetime and i think we can get something done about this email me at hope to hear from you thanks Mrs.Lee :(


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