Bought a car less than 24 hours had to take to their mechanic, the transmission was blown. Now 3 months later the same problem---the transmission---the do not want to pay for rental car, nor tow truck which had to pick the van up, Transaaxle light came on, and car would not run.

Their mechanic claims it is misfiring and their codes do not pick up any transmission problems---why?? they dont want to pay for the towing nor any charges to get the vehicle back in driving condition.

I financed through them ONLY because I was laid off at the beginning of the recession, lost my home, and now have a credit score the same size of my show. Why are they in business??

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They are in business because people, like you, keep buying cars from them without reading the entire purchase contract. While I do not approve of their business practices, it is the customers that buy from them that keep them in business.

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444096

:( hay...i just wanted to state that it'll take years to repair your credit and we can try to get your credit re-established and find out if drivetime owe us back anything for all they take us through.

Jablonec Nad Jizerou, Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic #444085

Im going through a similar situation with drivetime at this moment,they cant keep gettin away with this contact me at my e-mail address fmly_l@yahoo.com and lets talk more about our situation with drivetime or send me a response back on this site,and this message is for anyone that has been screwed by drivetime...thanks

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