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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like the chance to address your concerns, however with the information you have provided we are unable to access your account. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, 888-290-0148.

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My fiance and I purchased a car from DriveTime in 2008, and it was the biggest financial mistake we have ever made. The sticker price on the car was equivalent to what it would cost new, and the payments were high.

We had owned the car for two weeks when the thermostat went out, which also ruined some components in the electronic ignition system. We ended up having to pay the repair cost out of pocket. This would be the first of a succession of issues with this car. Nevertheless, we made our payments for three more years until last summer when the air conditioner went out, and we ran into some other financial hardships and realized that we were completely upside down in the loan, owing only 4000 less than their "sticker" price when we bought it.

Additionally, their collections agents were extremely inappropriate and rude - suggesting we beg our family members, co-workers, friends and BOSSES for money to bring the payments current.

Long story short, we were unable to meet the requirements for their payment deferral, and the vehicle was repossessed. My advice to anyone looking to purchase a car is avoid this company (and others like it) at all costs.

Review about: Drivetime Loan.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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Matthew with DriveTime Customer Service has responded to every post I've read with the exact same message. How much do they really care?


Shut up and stop acting like you care service dept. U guys do nothing but rip off bad credit people. Most of the cars you own are lemons.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. As a member of the DriveTime customer service department I can assure you we are committed to providing all of our customers with the best service possible. I would like an opportunity to address your concerns directly at 888-290-0148.


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