Drivetime claims to inspect and sell cars with no immediate reapirs etc...two days later check engine light comes on -2 of 3 catalytic converters are bad and within 2 weeks: fuel pump, alternator, power steering, motor mounts, transmission, no immediate repairs?? Car has not run in two years -

These roaches will start calling and threatening the next day after the payment is due..makes me laugh.

I wait a few days to aggravate them since I am so disgusted. They will harrass you at work which is a problem when they have been told not to. This company violates the law constantly.

Check out: http://www.driveslime.com to fight back. Justice is well deserved.

It's Time to squash a roach!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1318548

Why don't y'all go else where to buy cars. Go to car lots or craigs list.

Common sense will tell you that a high mileage car is bound to have problems...even new cars have problems ( recalls tsbs ) you name it. If you agree to pay ...well pay on time and avoid problems. If you can't afford the payment then don't chance it. Nothing is for free in this world.

Just cause someone gives you a chance doesn't mean you can pay back whenever u like.

Do that with your rent or mortgage and see what happens. It's not a perfect world and there are no free rides.


These people need to be out of buisness.They real eager to get a downpayment and brag how they help people but when I went to pay a payment my account wasn't setup so I mail it and they reposses my car in 2 weeks and they won't give it back so u lose all u put into it. I called bbb because its a poor way to do buisness.

no telling how many poor souls they rip off.. PLEASE take MY ADVICE AND DON'T GO THERE .concerned consumer..


Come on people. When you promise to pay a certain amount....make sure you can pay that amount.

Don't sign the dotted line knowing you can't make a payment on time. Drivetime is trying to help you out with building your credit. And for all you folks living in Arizona....there is no lemon law. Inspect your vehicles before you drive off the lot.

Duh! :x If it's that much of a problem for you to make your payments then maybe all of you should be buying a car from craigslist.


Okay.. You are buying a used car.

Always inspect the vehicle before you buy it.

Bring a mechanic with you. :)


Whew!!! So glad I read these.

I almost took the bait. If it seems too good to be true, it probably "most certainly" is!!! And to the sweet guy, who called all of you deadbeats, you just wait, your day will come in this economy.

And then, will you call yourself a deadbeat!? I think not!!!


Whew!!! So glad I read these.

I almost took the bait. If it seems too good to be true, it probably "most certainly" is!!! And to the sweet guy, who called all of you deadbeats, you just wait, your day will come in this economy.

And then, will you call yourself a deadbeat!? I think not!!!


They won't go out of business but they will change their name as of Jan they will b called Go Credit and start the rip off all over they went from ugly duckling to drivetime now go credit


drive time is a company that needs to be out of business. Its a very fraudulent company all they do is take.

Even when you contact customer service they will tell you one thing and then do another, also consistently harass you asking you personal questions and as well as calling you own phone they call you work phone. Honestly I hope they go out of business they are not a company that cares for the customer.


Andrea Sills Dispute Resolution - Customer Service DT Credit Company Phn: 480-813-5359 Toll Free: 800-967-8526, ext. 5359 Fax: 866-895-3504

Call Ms. Sills with all concerns sooner or later Drivetime will have to do right by its customers...


• Florida Lemon Law 681.104 Nonconformity of motor vehicles.

• (1)

• (a) After three attempts have been made to repair the same nonconformity, the consumer shall give written notification, by registered or express mail to the manufacturer, of the need to repair the nonconformity to allow the manufacturer a final attempt to cure the nonconformity. The manufacturer shall have 10 days, commencing upon receipt of such notification, to respond and give the consumer the opportunity to have the motor vehicle repaired at a reasonably accessible repair facility within a reasonable time after the consumer's receipt of the response. The manufacturer shall have 10 days, except in the case of a recreational vehicle, in which event the manufacturer shall have 45 days, commencing upon the delivery of the motor vehicle to the designated repair facility by the consumer, to conform the motor vehicle to the warranty. If the manufacturer fails to respond to the consumer and give the consumer the opportunity to have the motor vehicle repaired at a reasonably accessible repair facility or perform the repairs within the time periods prescribed in this subsection, the requirement that the manufacturer be given a final attempt to cure the nonconformity does not apply.

• (b) If the motor vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of one or more nonconformities by the manufacturer or its authorized service agent for a cumulative total of 15 or more days, exclusive of downtime for routine maintenance prescribed by the owner's manual, the consumer shall so notify the manufacturer in writing by registered or express mail to give the manufacturer or its authorized service agent an opportunity to inspect or repair the vehicle.


Very happy with Drive Time and purchase of vehicle. Nice people!!!!!! :)


I understand that they want their payments on time...Who doesn't? My complaint is that I haven't even had the car a year and my catalytic converter has went out.

$350 dollars for the part alone.

It really sucks but that's what happens when you buy a used car. :?


Am glad Drivetime gave me an opportunity to improve my credit. Two other dealerships would not help at the time.

After I purchased my vehicle from a very nice salesman at Drivetime, the other two dealerships called back and wanted to sell me their cars. Thanks Drivetime!!!


while reading post it looks like people are complianing about the company wanting there payments on time I noticed a couple said the economie how do you thing a company is affected by deadbeats not paying there bills Im in the car business but not with drive time just checking it out because they are coming to indiana.from what Ive read Im surprised there still in business with all the flakes on here wanting to drive the car but not pay ontime


today i found out how crooked this company is and need to be put out of business.i battled cancer for several months and for advised by dt they would help me and bring my account current..i never received a letter in ref to this and when the payment would be due.today i was contacted my a rude c/s rep advising me i better have a pymt in today or they would reverse the agreement where my account was made current and show me past due again and take my car.....i gave the rep a pymt date and she refused it and scremed at me and said it better be in today.what happened to the paper work advising me of the account being made current when the paymt was due.i am ontacting consumer protection and the media so people will kmow not to deal will this company.and will not only stop here.i feel used hurt over this action today

to betty wall San Antonio, Texas, United States #1318561

Hope you're doing better. Let the *** car go and focus on your health.

Buy yourself something simple that gets you to where u need to go.

Sales people will always tell u what u want to here so be careful on ur next purchase no matter where u get it. Even if it's from a family member


I had the worst experience with DT. The employees are fake, pretentious and try to sell a culture that they cannot instill.

On top of ripping off the American consumer with a below par product, ridiculous rate, are no sense of customer service..they boast of how they are going to grow nationwide.

It is unfortunate that companies like this are allowed to exist and take advantage of unsuspecting people. Beware!

to Horrible place to work and do San Antonio, Texas, United States #1318553

It's not just drivetime. Go else where to buy your car and you will get a sweet lecture.

It's like getting married once honey moon is over the true colors come out. It's life look around you everyone wants something for nothing. Some times you get lucky and get a good deal and sometimes you don't. I myself am a 3 time looser.

Been married 3 times. Have I had 3 bad wives...no I'm the problem I'm hard to get along. I suck it up and keep trying to improve maybe one day I'll get lucky. Bottom line do an inventory of you life.

Is it the people selling u vehicles or is it you that got yourself into the situation your in do to bad decisions u have made... just saying.


Dont buy a car from Drivetime.If you do it its the worst mistake you will ever do. Cars that you can find at another dealership at least 4k cheaper...

and not to mention their interest rate of %22. thay suck they sell cars, which they get from the auction for dirt cheap and steal from Americans....I know pleanty of people that got F@##d by DT.

Do your self a favor dont get a car from that company thats the only way they are going to be out of business...The government should regulate the way dealerships price their cars...... :(

to DriveTime is a rip off!! San Antonio, Texas, United States #1318555

Buy a used car and that's exactly what u will get. Very simple why do you think someone got rid of it.

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