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Thank you for your feedback. We apologize you disagree with the pricing of our vehicles and vehicle protection plan. The prices of our vehicles are based upon the cost of purchasing the vehicles and reconditioning the vehicles for sale. Optional products, such as the vehicle protection plan or GAP insurance are additional features that may be added to your loan. Please contact our Customer Relations department at your earliest convenience if you need any additional assistance or clarification at 888-290-0148.

Kristen, Customer Relations

I've been looking for an additional car and I don't have the best credit. I saw an add for DriveTime in Nashville, TN and decided to check it out, Figured it wouldn't hurt.

It was the biggest waste of time. I really didn't have a specific car in mind, I just wanted to really know the money aspect of the deal and where I stood. After I gave all my info (Income, address, DL#, ect) he took it to the manager to figure up the down payment and such. After speaking with the manager about the privacy policy the salesman took over again and told me that they had 4 cars that i could get and that it would be a $700 downpayment.

Thinking "Great, I can put that down" the sales man tried to get me outside looking at cars, completely avoiding the "Money" aspect of the deal. I stoped him and started asking money questions. What kind of interest rates, monthly payments, and terms, am i looking at for the cars. He said all that verys.

He kept trying to get me outside in the cars with out even telling me the prices or anything i wanted to know. When he finally back down I asked what the price of the 2003 Dodge Neon (base model)with 90,000 miles was he said that it would be $13,000! The KBB retail is only $5000 on that car. When i asked why he said that it comes with alot of extras a warranty, oil changes, roadside assist, ect.

I asked if they could take all that off he said no they dont do the pricing. Then kept asking if I was ready to look at cars, again completely disregarding my concerns. I dont know about other people but when i'm looking for a big purchase i know my *** and know where I stand with how much i can spend. They dont want you to know anything until after your in the car leaving the lot.

The salesman ended up only answering one of my questions about money "How much is the car" after he hesitated and looked around for a while, and blamed his computer for being slow to pull up the info. They also wouldnt tell me what interest rate i might be looking at. These guys are worse than legit car salesmen. Oh here's a couple of otehr items that might be of interest.

Their added benifits (on their website) say that they include a "anti-theft device for $600. Every car they sell comew with that from the factory.

And the 24/7 roadside assist, your probably already paying for this with your insurance. I'll go to a hole in the wall Buy Here Pay Here before I pay almost triple what a car is worth without adding interest, at least at the hole in the wall dealership the price of the car is close to KBB.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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this company is the worst i have dealt with. this is where all the rejected car dealers and clerks from other dealerships end up


dennejw, you are a drivetime employee i see, because noone would be happy paying 4 to 5x a vehicles worth. even people with 3 car repossessions can get a great car maybe 1.5x more then its worth, or at the most 2x. 4 or 5x is outrageous and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending such a place.

to jason Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States #626074

He didnt buy the car nor was he defending this place. You must be an *** sir, because just reading your response dropped my iq down to your level.



I personally went through some hard times in the past few years. Early last year I had a car payment of $650 a month which was affordable for me at the time.

After I was laid off, I couldnt make my car payments and my vehicle went back. I found a job but needed transportation. Due to my credit score, I could not get financing at a standard car lot. I bought a 2006 Ford Taurus from Drivetime and I am extremely happy with it.

Yes there cars are very expensive, but guess what, I was able to get a car with $1200 down with a warranty! Also, they invest more money into recondition their cars than you would think. My salesman pulled up the report showing all of the repairs on the car, and it totaled to almost $3000. When you are buying a vehicle from a place who sells cars to people who are known to default on their loans, you have to know there is going to be a larger markup on the vehicles also.

Another thing that made me happy was that they report to the credit companies unlike buy here pay here lots. Also, as far as your complaints about them hiding the prices of their cars, when I was on their lot, every car had a sticker on it showing the price, so I'm confused about you not being able to find out a price.


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