In 2010, I purchased a 2005 Chryler Sebring, only because it appeared to have low mileage 40,000 miles and in good condition. Having just lost a home, my credit was bad and I 'd been turn down at several other car dealers.

The car was priced at $12,000.00. Loan financed at 25% . Desperate , I signed a contract in good faith, only to find out, after a down payment of $1200.00 and one year and 9 months of payments of $389.00 a month , totaling approx $9,000.00 paid and 2 years more to pay balance of $9,000.00. Grand total about $19,000.00.

I find out that this car was in a accident , purchase at a auction, insurance claimed by previous owner . I applied for new insurance,and was name high risk, because Vin# showed accident in 2008. I notified Drive Time and tried to negotiate a new interest rate, or lower price and was told they were not going to change price or interest rate, that it was not their problem.

They did offer to fix anything wrong with in their 36,000 mile warranty. Buyer beware

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