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Hello Alfonso, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconveniences and level of service you have encountered. Upon review, we see you are working with our team to reach a resolution; please allow us a moment to review your account further. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Relations department at 888-290-0148.

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Update by user Nov 08, 2015

I noticed yesterday when I checked my CreditKarma account that Drivetime has finally updated my info.

It only shows like 5 payments, but it IS showing.

Thank you Drivetime for doing as you told me you would do years ago.

Update by user Oct 31, 2015

So I spoke with somebody at the customer relations number. The agent told me that he would expedite my case.

It's a couple days over a month and I have not heard anything from DT or even seen anything on my credit report.

So it would seem DT wants to take your money and not do anything to help you other than sell you another car and keep you in the same circle of no real credit.

I'm still upset about all this.

Original review posted by user Sep 26, 2015

I purchased a vehicle from DriveTime in February 2011. I didn't have good credit to go to a real dealership. I saw on the DriveTime website they financed anybody and helped build up your credit with the credit reporting agencies.

I paid my car off in February 2014. Now in September of 2015 I am trying to purchase another vehicle. The credit union I went to tells me I have no history of paying such a large amount. I know I have.

I called DriveTime and was told the same story others have been told about a revamping of the credit reporting system. Anybody with an account closed prior to October 2014 is no longer reported. They can't resubmit the info because "their system shows the account as being paid off?" They offered to send me the same "credit rating" form others have spoke of. Credit union and bank underwriters don't care about that form, they want to see it reported to the credit reporting agencies.

DriveTime told me I have to contact the credit reporting agencies and dispute with them about what DriveTime didn't report.

My loan application was declined due to "inadequate collateral." This was due to my not realizing the vehicle I specified had over 100,000 miles. This could be resolved by going with something with less miles.

The other reason I was declined was "limited credit file for type and/or amount requested." This is because DriveTime did not report anything for my account.

I have the "Credit Rating" form from DriveTime, it shows me as having 0x30, 0x60 and 0x90 late payments. I can only imagine how much higher my credit score would be had DriveTime honored what they said they would do for me by reporting.

So now all I have to show for the over-paying I did for my vehicle is ...


Product or Service Mentioned: Drivetime Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Report to the CRA like you stated you would from the beginning. .

I liked: That drivetime was going to help me rebuild my credit.

I didn't like: Being lied to about helping me rebuild my credit.

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