Just my experience, maybe yours will be better...although I must state my problem with Drivetime. Oh so friendly and smiley faced, just like any other dealership.

They want to help you and try so hard to be sincere, that you almost believe you are buying or renting a car from a family member. Then once the contract is signed, it goes from Mr. Hyde to a cold Dr.

Jekyl..first off, lets talk about the interest rates they lay across, with 25+%, you are going to pay what the car is worth 4 times over. Second, the cars are just cosmetically appealing, inside, out and under the hood...and it comes with a 3 year warranty, so you feel confident with your vehicle purchase, but its all a facade, truly...just give your auto 2 years, and it will start to fall apart, and with that interest rate, you won't have paid anything on the car, scary...is this the road to happiness, hardly...then on top of that, payments are due every 2 weeks, and they will not go monthly no matter how good you keep your payments with them...the customer service is awful and sad, I don't know what they require these employees have before they hire them, but they are rude and once you really get into it with them, they become ignorant, and short tempered...lame, for a company trying to portray that they will help the down and out people, like anyone really cares if anyone is struggling, they make it unbearable, its an experience I hope others won't have to go thru...bottom line is, if you really can't buy a car anywhere else, save a little, ride a bike, take the bus, save a little more, and just but a reasonable auto that gets you where you need to go...the American Auto industry is so *** corrupt, that its pointless to drive a new car and look like your a rock star, who needs that image...a car is just that, don't get tied down to high payments a choke your years away, when you could be traveling and enjoying the world with that same money you put down on your car, insurance and gas....wake up...DRIVETIME sucks

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I love the fact that every complaint has a Drivetime represetative comment on the matter to try and cover anything up. This makes me laugh.

Thay have a department which constantly monitors these web sites to make it seem they are willing to help. Laughing my *** off.

These people are crooks. Sorry you had a bad experience but I was smart enought to ask questions before heading to one.


Matthew, who are you...do you have any clue what is going on at every Drivetime auto dealer. The company Drivetime needs to be obliterated from Earth, they don't help anyone, look at the complaint list, I don't see any good praises to Drivetime.

Drivetime are *** dealers.

Not everyone who goes to Drivetime is a slacker with their debt, how about devastating circumstances that one has no control over and they are put in that situation where they really need a reliable car, and your *** artist employees snake any trick into the mix to get sell that lemon. The day will come when the ax will fall on Drivetime, and when it does..I will be there to celebrate...Matthew, do not respond to my emails with your babbling nonsense, its too late...your going down hard


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to address your concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. The actions described are not aligned with DriveTime’s standard of customer service and support.

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