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We apologize that you are unhappy with the financing and vehicles that DriveTime offers. Because DriveTime specializes in financing for people with less than perfect credit, our pricing and interest rates are higher. Obviously the terms of our loans do not work for all consumers. This is why DriveTime is very clear and up front with our customers about the terms of their car loans before purchase. It is ultimately the consumer’s decision if a vehicle and financing from DriveTime is right for them. Your payoff balance should not be increasing if you are making your car payments on time. If you are able to pay more than your regular car payment you will ultimately pay less in interest and your loan would be paid off faster If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the Customer relations department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

Drivetime pretends to be a car company you can go to if you have bad credit. But in reality they prey upon that and victimize you even more with high interest/payments.

They screwed me over with my payments which i didnt find out until i asked for a payoff amount. Anyways, I luckily have made it thru their endless calls, and continuos increase of my payoff. In the end i will never, ever use them again. Nor recommend them to anyone.

Worst car dealer ever.

Please do not use them. They will do no good to you or for you.

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it's called stupidity :grin

Ibstock, England, United Kingdom #151629

:roll that's strange, I received a pay off calender when I received my paperwork so I always know what my balance is as long as I am paying on time. I guess certain offices must not provide the same paperwork

to oh really Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #605588

So how do you like drivetime now, three years later????


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