We signed a contract on a Dodge Durango saying 3 year limited warranty. In which, the warranty is supposed to cover the engine, transmission, driveaxle, and air conditioning and the customer only pays a small co-payment.

Ok that is the main reason we picked this company to make such a big purchase. After about a month of driving the vehichle the transmission went out. They sent me to a repair shop, and after 3 weeks they said they put a brand new one in it and I only had to pay $50. Then only a few short months later the rearend starting whining, motor started making funny noises, the a/c started to mal-function and once again transmission started slipping!!!

We dealt with the warranty department again and took it to the place they told us to, and two weeks later we had to call to find something out on car. NOONE ever called us. They said o yeah we are not going to fix your vehicle to much is wrong with it. We already sent paperwork to the dealership for them to put you in a new one.

Sounds great right? NOT!! We go to dealership and they tell us we are going to have to start a whole new application and contract and we are going to eat the $10,000 we had already paid!!! NO Drivetime will be talking to my lawyer!!

We have a signed contract stating they will fix our vehichle!! I am very pissed I do NOT recommend them to anyone!!

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Please call LEGAL SHIELD Attorney in your STATE and its only $17.00 a month. This is my TRUE story!!!

Three years ago I ran into hard time and could not get too many company to finance a an automobile for me Drive Time was one on the company that did help me; I put down 5,500 down to get the best interest rate (8.9%) I had 3 things happen to the car the first week, the battery died they came out and give me a jump, then a week later the battery completely had to be replace they replace it for FREE. The CD player without they replace it for FREE no problem. Then came the AC Blower they sent me to a local company but after 3 times they didn’t fix the noise that’s when I contact LEGAL SHIELD. I had my blower go out after 6 months.

They replace it with an aftermarket part. The aftermarket part was making a loud noise. I had to call the customer service and they told me their policy is if it’s not broken we don't fix. I call my attorney from a company call Legal Shield they wrote a demand letter to Drive Time Legal Department.

Drive Time called me back to apologize and refer me back to the repair company to fix the problem with the factory part. My advices when purchasing something from them always contact your Lawyer and have Legal Shield fight the battle. You can use the same company I use for $17.00 a month to get more info go to www.legalshield.com and you can sign up at www.mylegalcoverage.info Drive Time is not BAD they not the BEST but just know your rights!!!



How did you spent 10k in 3 to 4 months, liar!!!


Stop with all that scripted information...

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