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Thank you for your feedback. We apologize you are dissatisfied with your DriveTime experience. We would like the chance to address your concerns. There is a standard $50 deductible everytime you take your vehicle in to get it diagnosed at an In-network facility. Please give us some time to research your account, and a Customer Relations Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns. If you would like immediate assistance, please call Customer Relations at 888-290-0148. Sincerely, Customer Relations

Drivetime is ripping people off with the warranty there offering people it is a fluke.The oil changes from sears are horrible.. iam really upset with this company something has to be done.the places they recommend are ripping people off.becareful when you go to drivetime cars look nice but they have problems and the warranty is a rip off they charge 50.00 everytime you need something check..

then they say nothing is wrong ive already have paid 300.00 out my pocket on repairs that need to be done. the place they recommended was trying to charge 1000.00

Review about: Drivetime Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Looks like lmao works for this AWFUL company!!!!


Are you looking to file a Lawsuit aganist Drive Time?

Do you feel cheated or scammed?

Are you a victim of predatory lending?

Are you a victim of bad warranty or the old bait and switch?

Come join the Fight, If you are a victim of Drive Time so that

we can put them out of business !!!

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Buying a used car involves some risk. This can happen at any dealership anywhere.

When you buy a used car you buy it as is! Always ask for the car facts or look it up yourself. If your credit is bad then you will have to pay more interest because you are considered high risk to the lender, but if you handle this installment loan correctly your credit rate will go up and you will be able to get a better interest rate in the future. Also, any warranty program on used cars will charge you a $50 deductible every time you visit the repair shop (if you are lucky-some have $100 deductibles) so that really isn't a bad deal either, at least you have some protection.

I bought a warranty on my 2001 jeep that I never used. It cost about $1600 or $2000 (I can't remember now) and I financed it so I paid longer and more for "peace of mind". I have no regrets. If you don't want a warranty then don't buy one but you are buying a used car as is so good luck.

All cars require maintenance, especially older vehicles. It's a personal could have said no and then paid out of pocket even more then you did.

Also, you should always research a car yourself before you buy it. If you don’t want to be a victim then know your options, do your own research!


:cry ok mr lmao, I happen to agree. I've had my drivetime car (2007 saturn ion) for 1 MONTH and its falling apart from the fron to rear and interior!

They gave me false records on the vehicle at purchase as well. Im dealing with gas leaking, coolant leaking, a messed up axle knocking, my keys wont come out of the ignition when in park, the pieces are falling off the front end, the rubber against the windows is rippling, the interior is literally coming up off the seats. NOW WHAT? Problems started the same day I had the car, I call the warranty dept and they want me to pay a CO PAY to get the car checked, when its supposed to be a bumper to bumper warranty!

FOund out, that the fuel pipe has been in RECALL For over 6 months!!!


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Dude, you are a ***. Take care of your responsibilities and you wouldn't be in the situation your in.

At least they financed you, and gave you a chance.

You cant even type properly! That says everything right there!


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