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My husband and I bought a 2007 BMW 3Seris on April 19,2013. Two weeks later the door handle starting melting and they tried to take their hand and smooth it out,still melting...

Now here we are again May 29th 2013 on this same car the back passenger window won't go up. I was told to call the warranty dept come to find out electronic is not covered. We are paying about 30,000 for this car. However we just paid off a truck with nooo missed payments.

You would think they would treat their customers better. This company need to be put to a stop maybe if we all get together and protest we can close them down.

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I understand your situation and have credit problems but wouldn't it be really smart to start off small? I wouldn't get a car for 30k thats just plain outrageous to me.

I would of found something more affordable and build your credit that way then go to BMW dealership and get you a brand new car with no worries.

What can you expect from a used car? Also always do your research on companies before purchasing and you wouldn't even have this problem.

Amarillo, Texas, United States #685706

30k for a 3seriois bmw 2007!!!! Wow! 6k tops

Snellville, Georgia, United States #670975

The door handle was melting or the PAINT?!


Maybe if you all took better care of your CREDIT you wouldnt have to buy there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll

to Anonymous #667534

Some people have no choice due to CREDIT issues. So you must be one of those people who have no CREDIT or you think your better than some people who had no other choice. People like you that post things like this are the ones that need a lesson of walking a mile in others lives before you judge.


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