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There were two who responded to my post. My AC was fixed the same day I bought it.

Secondly, you can\'t attack someone who had no idea the CATALYTIC CONVERTER was about to go, INSTRUMENT CLUSTER shorted out or STRUTS or REAR DRUMS were that worn out. I am not a mechanic. How would I know these things were going to happen in three days? So I am the bad guy ?

You both must have voted for Obama and are crooks just as much as those at DRIVETIME!!!

Go attack someone else. God bless

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I bought a 2003 Ford Focus ZX 3 with 67, 589 miles at time of purchase ( 5/5/11 ). Two days after my purchase, the check engine light came on, needed new catalytic converter.

In November 2012 I needed a new instrument cluster. March 2012, new front struts, then in April 2012, my rear drums needed replacement. My drums were so bad and rusted, I was told by my machanic that I was basically braking just with my fronts. I have barely hit 2,500 miles in my car because I am so close to work, home and church.

Rear drums do not get that bad in less than a year. I have spent nearly $ 1,500 just in 12 months on this car. They claim to do a thorough check, but they don't. I or someone else could have been seriously injured because my drums were so bad.

Even on the day I purchased this car, the AC did not even work. This car is so unreliable that I am afraid to take trips more than 100 miles because I am concerned about the car breaking down.

Drivetime does not care about anyone, they are just loan sharks waiting to prey on innocent people who are trying to establish their credit and built trust to other creditors and so on. I will never recommend Drivetime to family or freinds.

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The exact same thing happened to me, I purchased a vehicle from Drivetime with seemingly no issues. About two days later the engine light came and I later discovered it was due to a faulty catalytic converter and Drivetime told me it was under warranty; I would have to repair myself at a cost of $1495.00 Which I certainly cannot afford.


Sorry to hear about your car. I know for a fact that your car use the front brakes for 90% of braking and the rears don't hardly do anything.

You have to remember your mechanic is out to make money and there is the possibility he lied to you. Your cat going out more than likely meant the previous owner drove the car with a misfire to long and burned it up but DriveTime fixed the misfire but didn't know about the cat because that stuff does show up until the light comes on. You bought a Ford "throw-away car " with almost 70K on it. Struts by Ford specs have to be replaced every 30-50k miles .

Hope things go better for you with that car and its not a dangerous car no matter what your mechanic says . DriveTime doesn't want a lawsuit that would cost them money so they would not have sold a car with no brakes , its the cheapest repair on the car to do.


Thank you for your feed back. Please be assured that at DriveTime we are committed to providing excellent service to all our customers. We would like an opportunity to address you concerns directly at 888-290-0148.


Please do not do business with small dealership's.They are *** artist and thieves.DRIVETIME sound's a lot like DRIVERSSELECT.You have to be able to trust these people and You can't bottom line.They will never inform you that a vehicle has a problem.But instead they will accept your money and Not stand behind their vehicle's.You had (3) Day's to return the vehicle and You chose not to do so.So now the problem's with the vehicle is on you.DRIVETIME does not care about your problem's with this vehicle.All they wanted was your money.So now you are stuck with a lemon.GOD BLESS YOU and I hope you have learned a lesson from this purchase.


I am sorry but I can't feel for you. You should took it for a serious drive.

Why would you purchase a car that the AC broke on first day. You have three days to cancel your contract.

Sorry but this all your fault so quit your whinning. You got yourself into this mess so live with it.

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