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We apologize for your frustrations you have had with your car loan. As you know, DriveTime specializes in financing for people with less than perfect credit, our pricing and interest rates are higher. Obviously, the terms of our loans do not work for all consumers. This is why DriveTime is very clear and up front with our customers about the terms of their car loans before purchase. It is ultimately the consumer’s decision if a vehicle and financing from DriveTime is right for them. If you are still experiencing the problem with getting your title from DriveTime and would like to discuss this matter further, please contact the Customer relations department at 888-290-0148.

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Let me start by saying that I worked for ugly duckling aka drivetime as a general manager of a recon center in Florida.So I know first hand of the double dealing they do.At the time they had a sales course called duck u.The purpose of this course was to teach sales people how to belittle customers with "less than perfect credit" and get them to take the lesser of the cars the are looking at,then charge top dollar for it.

Lets say they(drivetime) buy a car for 1000.00 at an auction.The first mark up is for the hauling from the auction to the recon center.700.00 regardless of the true cost,then the reconditiong of the car.900.00 regardless fo true cost,then they tack on another 600.00 for title search and paper that 1000.00 car is 3200.00then they tack on another 2000.00 for profit markup. Now the car is up to 5200.00 before it ever leaves the recon center for the lot.Now lets talk about finance charges of 29% interest and other charges, after a 5 year loan you can expect to pay more than $10,000.00 for a car they purchased for $1,000.00.

Now my story.the buyer bought my van for 2000.00 after markups and finance charges and a couple of late fees I paid almost 15,000.00 for a 2000.00 van.Oh well right?

well I paid the van off,on my credit report it says paid in full,in good standing.The van died the other day,so I decided it was time to send her to the great highway in the sky.(junkyard)I could not find the title,so I went to get a new one and I was told ugly duckling has a lien against the van for unpaid fees.I contacted drivetime to resolve the problem.I owe a 29.00 late right?

NO!They charged late fees on the late fees and now they say I owe almost 400.00 more for a van they made 10,000.00 profit off of me that needs to go to the junkyard.In Florida you can not take a car to the junkyard without a title.They said they will not give me a break and if I want the title I need to pay the late fees on the late fees.Hmmmmmm..... Bad people for sure!!!Please be carefull with whom you do buisness with and check out all the complaints people have against them in all the states that they do buisness in.Good luck !

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i really want a new car guys, but I would be a fool to go to drivetime. I guess I am gonna have ta fall in love again with my ford explorer for a while longer...thanks, you just saved me a big headache!


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Unfortunately I bought a car from drivetime in Orlando. I am assuming this is the one you worked for.

I had no other option at the time. I spent something like $13000 on a car that was probably worth $6,000 retail. I had no other options at the time and I knew that it was way overpriced. So, now I have been paying $400 a month for 3 and a half years which puts me at about $15,000 I have paid so far and I still owe $9,000.

They told me for the first two years all payments went toward interest. Well it has been over 3 years and still I have barely paid down my loan. This company is such a scam. They call me 8 times the day a payment is due even though I always pay on the due date.

These people are very rude and treat me like I am the *** of the earth.

I will be paying for this piece of *** car that has a ton of problems for probably the rest of my life. I wish there was a way to get out of it but there isn't.


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