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i cosigned for a family member who purchased a vehicle from drivetime. yes i know i am a ***.

so 1.5 years into the loan, i get a call from drivetime stating the loan is past due by 120 days. i asked the rep the amount past due so i can bring the account current. the rep tells me it's around $3000. then i tell the rep that i'll need to speak the family member to confirm. the rep yells at me and tells me that i refused to pay the debt and hung up on me.

so my family member could not recall how much she owed (health problems) so i called drivetime to get an explanation of the $3000 past due amount. the 2nd rep tells me i owe $6000. then the rep transfers me to another rep who tells me the past due amount is $3000. i asked the rep to explain the balance and that rep states that it is not his job and i need to pay $3000 or the car will be repossessed and my credit report will have "significantly become negative".

i told the guy that i'm not going to pay $3000 unless i know what i'm paying for. the rep tells me that the car will be repossessed and my credit will be ruined and hung up on me.

i finally just decided to the $3000 and once my payment was entered, the rep offered to send me an invoice.

this company should be investigated.

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They should BE SUED! they should have a "class action suit filled against them !

I have a friend who bought a vehicle who's paid off balance was $14,000 an the vehicle was only Bluebooked at $6,000!!! they are a FRAUD AN A SCAM! how can they do that to people? Even with bad credit!!

These people need help not someone to do this harassment an ruin there credit even worse !!!

Oh how pissed they make me! PLEASE ALL OF YOU UNITE AN WIN!

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