bought a used van 13months ago, way over priced, it's a lemon, and they no it , i've payed, 3 times as much for repairs, than the payment on it, and thet won;t take it back on a trade in. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, i don't care how bad your credit is, they will jack the price up, out of this world, and the finance chared will kill you, if broke down car doesn't. do not deal with these people, they will rip you off, i can't believe that they are still in bussiness

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I bought a car from them and I needed repairs soon after the warranty expired. I paid 3 times the car was worth and they certainly take advantage of people with bad credit.

Their creditors are notoriously aggressive. I was a day late on my payment and they will harass you.


Hey do you remember this car compamy in California named the Ugly Duckling.Well they had a lot of complaints and they were sued. They then closed and reopen as Drive Time.

That is sad cause they are doing the same things.

I will never get a car from Drive Time,I won't give them a dollar. I would rather walk.....lol

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