I bought a car from Drivetime and not 24 hours later Iam driving home from work and my clutch goes out and of course they cant do anything to help me get home or anothter vehicle while mine is being repaired.There is also wrong information on the web site about auto pay.They also ripe you off by charging an outrageous amount for the cheap vehicle that is not any where near the price it should be... I know I have bad credit but they should not be able to rape me more.I am so dissappointed in this company.I wish I had never used them

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I've been looking up drivetime because they're moving to my area and are currently hiring. Based off of the complaints I've seen it's not a place that I'm interested in.

My only issue about the complaints is everyone says "they sold me a car for more than what it was worth".

When you buy a car you should look up the value yourself to see if you're getting a good deal. That's not the fault of the dealer if you agreed to a horrible purchase price.


me and my husband purchased a car from drivetime a 2002 to be exact. they charged us three times the book value of the and when our money situation change we act them to come and pick up the car they told us don't worry about it when things got better then just start paying them again we explained to them that we no longer could afford the car and it took them over 4 months to pick it up.

about a month after picking the car up they sent us a letter telling us that they had sold for the same price that they had sold it to us for and then they call us telling us that we owed them over 9000.00. my husband told them a few choice words and they never called us back again just be aware of this company

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