Hay to anyone who want to get something done about there situation with drivetime email me at fmly_l@yahoo.com. Drivetime is a horrible nightmare that keeps going and going its time we woke up!!!I had my car for a couple of hours before my check engine light came on then i started hearing a bubbling noise and smelling something burning.Took it to a repair shop and they told me they didnt hear or smell anything at the time,well of course if you dont fix something broken it gets worst and thats what happened now drivetime dont want to pay want me to split the bill with them are they crazy...for a problem that existed when i first got the car....I say "enough is enough"Thanks,Mrs. Lee

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I was unemployed and had to return my car.I paid 2 years of a car that was worth only $5,000 in the market and bought it for $14,000.00 at Drive Time.

At the moment of returning my car, I wrote a letter explaining my situation and they did not accept the letter, but YES the car that was like new --since I fixed every single detail that was wrong at the time of purchase. I was then punished with the 7 years of bad credit in the credit bureau, but they SOLD my BAD account to another party that keeps bothering me and threats me continously to take me to court for $6,500. DT not only took my car and sold it for more than $6,000, got more than $8,000 that I paid and then sold my account.

I think I paid enough for a big mistake and that is DRIVE TIME!!!Word of mouth works and I want to make sure no one goes to DT for a car.


:zzz :sigh :cry :( :eek :( That is how I feel about drive time. They are not only a mess, but your worst nightmare!!! Stay away from them.


I dont think drive time understands how serious it is about how unsafe some of these vehicles are, my vehicle when we turned on the radio burning smoke came out from inside the back of our jeep! every time we turned the radio on the same thing happened, my husband checked it out and found some wiring that was not wired properly, we had our car checked and even the mechanic was shocked about the wiring and asked where we bought this vehicle! we have done repairs needed, only thing left is the alignment....i pay less on my second vehicle from a bigger dealership and it is newer than the one i purchased at DT!


Hay...Fed up In Texas, I know how we can take care of this,i was told the samething about one of my parts thats covered and drivetime is saying its not covered contact me at fmly_l@yahoo.com thanks Mrs. Lee


I have the same problem.I bought my van 6 months ago.

My air conditioner quit blowing cold air right after I bought it. Also the door locks and windows are not working. Their warranty shops ate like having a court appointed attorney. They work for them and against you.

They said it was lines to AC and not covered. I took it to a professional AC place and they say those lines are not leaking it's the evap under dash. And that IS covered on warranty. So back to drive time shop we go.

We will see what they say now.This is a big pain in the rear.


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. DriveTime will use this as an opportunity for improvement and learning. Please know that these issues will be addressed and corrected. If there is any this we can do please give me a call at 888-290-0148


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Toll Free 888-290-0148

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