I purchased a car from Drivetime in April 2008. Not having the best credit in the world, I had no choice.

I made my payments every 2 weeks on time until I lost my job in July,2009. My brother was co-signor. He took the car from me and have not seen since August,2009. Drivetime keeps calling me to make payments.

Seems like my brother changed his phone number so calls are refered to me. When he took the car, I was told by a Flagler County(FL) Sheriff that since he was co-signor, he had every right to take the car. Drivetime not only calls me daily BUT, leaves a RECORDED message on my phone on Saturdays around 7:45AM. When I do decide to talk to them I do tell them that since I have not seen the car in over THREE years, I am NOT making payments on something I do not have and even tell them to look in Prairie View,WI or Chicago,IL for my brother and they will find the car.

The refuse and the phone calls keep coming.

What was a $12,000 car in the long run would have cost me about $24,000 with their interest rates. If one were to ever listen to a stranger, a bit of advice: AVOID DRIVETIME AT ALL COSTS!

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This appears to be the "norm" with you people! No matter haw many times I have told your reps that I no longer have the car and have not seen it since AUGUST,2009, it seems like you continue to harass me.

My brother evidently got tired of your calls and changed his phone number. I have told your reps several times the car is either in Prairie View,WI or Chicago,IL and where it may be found yet, you continue to call me.


Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns.

At DriveTime, we take such allegations very seriously and would like the opportunity to discuss and research this issue. The experience which you outlined does not meet our standard of customer service.

Please contact customer service at 888-290-0148.

Thank you,


DriveTime Customer Service

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