My daughter-in-law recently purchased a 2003 Jeep Liberty from DriveTime which is not advertised as such but is a "Buy Here Pay Here" (BHPH) organization. The contract she signed did not correctly disclose what she would be paying in total for the Jeep but most all of the totals of interest, amount of financing, were off by as much as $5,230.65.

The only disclosures that were correct was the bi-monthly payment and the interest rate which if totaled makes all the other disclosures wrong. Nowhere in the paperwork she signed is there any disclosure that she must pay additional charges. The bottom line is she would be paying $28,842.32 for an auto which is valued at around $8,000.00 with 22.388% interest. That is; 277.33 payment X 104 payments.

Until recently "Truth in Lending" requires most lenders to disclose most of the aspects of the loan/sale. Most buyers at the time of sale can't calculate compound Interest"” hence, "Truth in Lending". However, looking at the regulations I see BHPH organizations somehow fell through the cracks and weren't regulated. See; http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/21/business/la-fi-buy-here-suit-20120421 where specifically DriveTime and other BHPH organizations are being investigated by the U.S.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-- article from the L. A. Times.

My question is, isn't this a fraudulent contract and even though BHPH's may not be regulated does this constitute fraud? If so, how expensive would it be to return the car and have this contract declared null and void?

Researching DriveTime on internet there are many, many complaints about all aspects of this organization and a good reasons for not wanting to stay in this contract. In my opinion everything about DriveTime is fraudulent.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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The contract shows the amount of car, interest, and then the toal in bold on the first page. Drivetime succeeds because people are ignorant.




:eek :sigh :cry :x And I hope they get investigated very well. I had a bad experience with Drive Time and I believe that they take advantage of people that are having financial situations but desperate need a car. They get your money, and then they *** up, big time!!!!

to Liz Spring, Texas, United States #1176124

Yes they do I'm going thru this matter with drive time


1. Written by Liz on July 2, 2012 from orlando, florida, US

I was unemployed and had to return my car.

I paid 2 years of a car that was worth only $5,000 in the market and bought it for $14,000.00 at Drive Time. At the moment of returning my car, I wrote a letter explaining my situation and they did not accept the letter, but YES the car that was like new --since I fixed every single detail that was wrong at the time of purchase. I was then punished with the 7 years of bad credit in the credit bureau, but they SOLD my BAD account to another party that keeps bothering me and threats me continously to take me to court for $6,500. DT not only took my car and sold it for more than $6,000, got more than $8,000 that I paid and then sold my account.

I think I paid enough for a big mistake and that is DRIVE TIME!!! Word of mouth works and I want to make sure no one goes to DT for a car.

to Liz Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #639535

did they try to garnish your wages at any time?


That is exactly how Drivetime does business. They reported my loan as a charge os within 48 hours of a late payment.

In my trying to make one monthly payment as apposed to biweekly payments when I took a pay cut. Not pay any less per month simply pay one payment to keep me budgeted instead of accepting that they reposessed the car.


Dear Mathew,

She called that number several times, got nothing but a runaround, lies and deceit. You wrote; “At DriveTime, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with great customer service. The experience you outlined here does not meet our standard of doing business.” Total BS-- I think by looking at all the complaints about DriveTime on the internet that your company is deliberately deceptive, and outright fraudulent.

EVERONE, stay away from DRIVETIME! In my opinion and many others here they are SCAM ARTIST.


This in my case as well. I was looking for a car that saved gas and was reliable...I got that but after I signed the contract I found out that I am paying $223.+ every 2 weeks and I was FLOORED by the fact that the Interest on the car was 21.225% Annually on a amount financed of $16,842.+ which equalled $28,184.67 I left there feeling like "What Did I Just Do?" Today I was late on my 2nd Payment by 13 Days and I got up to go cash my paycheck to go pay my Car Note and my car was gone...They Repoed my car for being late 13 days and I called and was given phone numbers to a Vacation Cruise for 2 twice.I am so ANGRY that I cant see straight. I heard these good things as well and Im feeling like ther might be as many Bad Experiences as there are Good Ones....I dont know.


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns.

At DriveTime, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with great customer service. The experience you outlined here does not meet our standard of doing business

We would like the opportunity to research and address this issue directly. Please contact customer service at 888-290-0148 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,


DriveTime Customer Service

Toll Free 888-290-0148

to DriveTime Customer Service Austin, Texas, United States #656778

Hello Matthew from DT. I was unaware that my account is about to be in charge off status because my contract has ended and I had been making my payments on time and in fact I had paying over the minimum due.

I called last week and I was advised that my last payment was 13 days late but in fact I was early on my payment.

Can you look into this matter? I will your direct line on Tuesday, May 28,2013.

Thank you

to DriveTime Customer Service #830006


We are people that have low income in the first place. Tucson, Arizona drive time is where we purchased a car.

We got notice that we had to pay anther 100 dollars due to the sales person neglected to let us know about.

How sad is that now we don't have a car to get us to work. Matthew please help us.

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