i bought a 2006 Nissan sentra in Sept 2010 and had the same issue since november 2010.its a slow start due to a bad fuel pump.

i took it to their shop of choice and was told the ground wire was loose, this only patched the issue and i dealt with the issue until July 2011. I took the car back to the shop and wrote down exactly how to make the car do what it does and after 3 weeks they said they couldn't get it to repeat the process. please keep in mind it does it for me like clock work every time.I then took the car back to the shop and it sat for 2 more weeks and still the same response, "we cant get your car to do what you're saying" so i took off work and sat at the shop for 3 hours and when it came time i took the manager out with me and when i did it wouldn't start. So then they said its the fuel pump and the car sat for another week.

Aamco replaced the fuel pump with a bo bo fuel pump and then the check engine light came on, they took the code out and said drive it, well i drove and drove and no luck. I then called back again to the warranty dept just to listen to more *** about paying another co pay for the same reason and i refuse. So then i called Aamco in October 2011 back and they agreed to replace the fuel pump so i took it back and the car sat for another week. When Aamco called and said your car is finished and to come get it i did but before they pulled it out the check engine light came on and i was told to drive it.

I then took it to my shop of choice and paid the service fee and was told its a bad fuel pump. so i called back to drivetime and the warranty dept just to be told now i must pay a 150.00 co pay for the same reason and again i refuse. my car has sat since October 31 2011 with bad tags cause the car will not pass state inspection, its now December 28 2011 and im still dealing with the rudest people about the same issue. ISNT THERE SOME KIND OF LAW THAT HELPS US WITH COMPANYS LIKE THIS ?

The car has been in the shop 3 times since July leaving me with out a car for 6 weeks in july and august and sat since Oct 31. that's a total of 14 weeks without a car! should i keep paying for a lemon? I hate the phone calls from drivetime!

any advice?


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ok had the car for cple months n im having electrical problems. thy saying its not on the warranty ..but thy sent me to their mechanic n hes going all around the freaking problem sayn fuel injector this n that!! then i found out thy used to b ugly duckling WOW!!


Dude ur a douche....he shouldn't have wasted his breath on a loser such as yourself...

hope u get screwed with the car.. karma is a ***, your story is proof...

and I laugh...haha


Dude ur a douche....he shouldn't have wasted his breath on a loser such as yourself...

hope u get screwed with the car.. karma is a ***, your story is proof...

and I laugh...haha


so here is the best advise i can give u- i have worked with this company for many years- and to no suprise customers get upset, expecially when the veh breaks down...if u are tired of the phn calls, i recommend writting a sieze and disest letter to stop collection calls or requesting only a certain number to be called- this can be sent through customer service..also, for anything paid out of pocket the finance department will offer you an extention of your payments- as long as it is not normal wear and tear- you do need to have income ( a job, unemployment, ssi, ect) good luck


the car is my way of transportation to work, but if it doesnt pass state inspection then you cant drive it, maybe you(duh)need help understanding the story.

"we cant get your car to do what you're saying" so i took off work and sat at the shop for 3 hours, maybe you didnt read


Maybe you should be looking for a job instead of worrying about a check engine light.

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