I bought a car from Drivetime in May, 2007. I had always made my payments on time.

At the end of November, I applied for a payday loan online which triggered unauthorized debits from my bank account. It caused me to get really behind in my rent, which caused my car payment to be late the first two payments in December. I called and explained this to them. The first customer service person got ugly and hung up on me.

The next guy wanted all the documentation and said he thought he could help me. I gave him a statement showing over $1,100.00 in NSF's and bank fees. I explained I had to give almost every dime I had to the landlord to prevent me from being evicted. I was facing an eviction and a reposession from Drivetime.

I kept in touch with them as things progressed trying to get to the first of 2008 to try to begin picking up the payments again. I even went to their office today and was told I had to pay them immediately or they would come and get it. They lied to me about trying to help someone whose back is up against the wall. I do not have anywhere or anyone to borrow the money and tried to explain I understand that the car payment was important but my priority was a roof over my head otherwise I would be living in my car.

They made over a billion dollars in Orlando alone this year and they wouldn't give me 5 more days to try to make it right. They don't care about their customers. All they care about is their bottom line. There were 3 payments due in December which is all I was behind and they refused to work with me.

What a Christmas present, a repo.

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I have had my car for 2 years from drivetime I ran into some financial difficulty recently and because I am $64.00 short on my car note they are trying to come and repo the car.



bought a car through DT and have had nothing but trouble since leaving the showroom. First my gas gage won' t work, they fix that, then on my way home I noticed that my odometer had 8,000 more miles on it after they repaired the gas gage!!!

They said the mechanic accidently punched in the wrong numbers...What? They fixed that, then the drivers window stopped working, They referred me to the DT warranty dept, and they said they would waive the $40.00 fee, since this all happened within the first fricking week of having the car...

I take the car in, they didn't waive the fee and they say the window motor is not covered by the warranty... all I can say is my *** is really sore right now...


What do you think a bank would do if you got 3 payments behind- REPO.

Payday loans are a down hill spiral. Lesson learned.

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