I purchased a vehicle after a horrible divorce that wrecked my credit . I decided DT might make this easier NOT!!!!!!!

I was told by sales viper that you have a choice of paying the loan every 15 days or once a month. Ofcourse I said I only pay my notes once a month because my rent on the 1st takes up almost all of my check minus food. (Yes DT I need to eat Im Human) From the moment I drove off the lot I had problems with the 04 Nissan frontier. The vent air for heat and AC only blows out the defroster, well in Houston summers of 100 degress and 85% humidity I must drive with the wipers on to squeegy off the condensation.

This fogs the windows and obstruts my vision greatly. Of course I go to a shop because after a year the starter and AC compressor have died, The repair guys says DT wont pay to fix the blend air flap . Next I start getting calls that I am over due on payment and I have not missed a single month yet, Oh no sir we need them every two weeks. What?

No one said it was mandatory it was said its my choice. Well apparently not so I have endured 20 dollar late fees for a year now 240.00 but it gets better. They put my late fees on the back of the loan so I can pay 18% interest for 4 more years for the fees so they will grow to 1200.00 by the loan end. I paid 12200.00 for the truck and now I have to pay 10% of my entire loan when I never went 30 days late in my entire 1st year.

Now they call my job and bug my administration to stop seeing patients (radiology tech) and talk to them about my late payment past 15 days but not a month yet. Horrible Republican practise.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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That was such an educated retort. If you took time to read my experience with DriveTime you must be able to relate to being deceived by a corrupt banking system who preys on the working middle class.

I never missed a day of work or ask the government for a red cent so your view of democrats makes no sense at all. Remember the working man built this country not the suits in power in Washington.


Not a republican practice, more like a democrat tactic. Say one thing, they do another. Look at the dummycrats in office now, obama is a fine example.

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