my name is chezelle, my husband and i have finaced a 2008 impala from drivetime. i have recieved 20 calls today alone from the collections dept, telling me i owe 281.00,201.00, then 73.00 dollars from an erra that was made by drivetime themselves.

they told me that my bank deleted a payment that was made on 4-2-2010. come to find out, some one in drivetime credited back the monies to my account in erra. so mean time the collections dept keeps calling me harassing me about payment thats already been made. the customer service agent put notes on my account about the erra that was made and to not call an harass me.

the collections dept did not read notes and did exactally what she said not to do. if they make a mistake and reposess my car i will sue the pants of there ***.

very upset customer. MARIE JOHNSON, ATLANTA GA

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Your Use of Ebonics is Charmin and TJ. Another boring day at a miserable job selling cars at Drive Time huh?

Do "yall" ( you can call this southern slang or ebonics make your choice) get paid extra for this? You must have not been able to pass the test to become a teacher so now you want to grade papers on here and scold people on here for their grammatical errors? I. d.


o. t


:( Drivetime has been blowing up my phone a minimum of 5 times a day for 3 years...and I didn't buy anything from them! I have a record of all those calls..and boy, will they be paying me!


First you say your name is Chezelle but you sign it Marie. Don't get it.....


I dealt with a similar issue. I was harassed for a month for two $32 payment alterations.

Each time the collection person did not tell the two had to be paid back ASAP. One was in Sept and another in January.

They waited until April to tell me I owed the $64 and then repeatedly called over it.

They are also notorious for calling 3 or more times a day starting at 8a.m. the morning after your car payments due date.


By "erra", you mean Error. Right?

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