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Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the mechanical issues you are having with your vehicle. All of our vehicles are inspected prior to sale to ensure they meet and exceed national safety standards. Given that we sell used vehicles it is difficult to determine when a particular component may fail in the future, which is why we offer optional coverage options like our limited vehicle protection plan. Our vehicle protection plan covers many costly repairs, but is not all inclusive. We apologize for any inconvenience caused at your place of work. We would like to research your situation further, but with the information provided we are unable to locate your account. Please contact our Customer Relations team at your earliest convenience: 888-290-0148.

Kristen, Customer Relations

I am purchasing a car from DriveTime the first issue I have is with trying to report a car stolen they said that the tracker was their for both of our benefits so when my car came up missing I tried to call so that they could track it all I got was the answer service to tell me that I needed to leave a message because it was after business hours. Now I had to make repairs that wasn't covered when I had the car less than 60 days.

My power steering line broke it was extremely hard to drive I almost wrecked when I was on the highway when it went out. When I took it to Care Clinic where I had to pay $50 to get it diagnosed. The guy told me that I made a big mistake getting a car from DRIVETIME because they cars are a piece of *** and they don't pay for anything when it comes to the warranty. I am paying $20000 for a car that has so much wrong with it that they won't fix.

I am thinking about putting the car on Bankruptcy when I decide to file that away they can't make me continue to pay for this BSing car. Oh yeah I have failed to mention that they are constantly calling my job harassing my Supervisor when I didn't make my payment on the car after having to pay $150.00 to get my car fixed when my car note is 176.35 EVERY TWO WEEKS.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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