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Thank you for taking the opportunity to write your review. Here at DriveTime, we appreciate all forms of feedback, whether it be positive or negative, as it aids us in finding ways to improve our overall customer experience. I want to apologize for any frustration resulting from the mechanical issues you have been experiencing. While we inspect each vehicle prior to sale, please keep in mind that it is very difficult to determine exactly if or when these mechanical malfunctions may arise post sale due to the fact that these are pre-owned vehicles. For this reason, each vehicle includes a 30-day/1,500-mile limited warranty, as well as an optional extended warranty for our finance customers.

Additionally, I am deeply sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the repair facilities you have visited thus far. Please know that we make every effort to ensure that our customers are provided with top notch customer service during their visits to the in-network facilities, as we understand that they are a reflection of our company in many ways. However, please know that we are limited in control of how in-network facilities conduct business. Rest assured, feedback related to specific repair facilities is taken into consideration and provided to them in an effort to make improvements.

I want to apologize again for any frustrations on this matter. I would like the opportunity to address your concerns personally, however I noticed you recently been in touch with my Customer Relations team. Please continue working with us so that we may reach an amicable resolution to your concerns.

Thank you,
Jacob – Customer Relations
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I recently bought a vehicle from DriveTime for approximately 6 months now. In which time the car has been repeatedly Breaking Dawn.

6 times my car has to be in the shop and one time almost killing me. As a single parent with a sick child Kama chronically ill and disabled comma working 2 jobs while DriveTime is call me if you are late on a payment for a car that is always in the shop, unreliable and unsafe. My vehicle is repeatedly showing signs of being a lemon. In less than three months after purchase I have spent over $1,200 in transportation $900 and lost time at work over $8,000 in repairs.

And I'm calculated stress strain caused by dealing with a vehicle that is unreliable and unsafe. Customer service is slow comma and a few days before Christmas and stuck without a car all in the fair praying that my daughter does not get sick while I'm stuck without a vehicle to rush her to the hospital. The mechanic shops associated with aeverex for the most part are on reliable and unprofessional. I am currently paying for a car over $800 a month that I can hardly Drive.

And this dealership is tiptoeing around the entire issue hoping it will go away and they won't have to do anything. In the meantime I am suffering and missing work for a car I was told and sold on being reliable. These 6 months have been the worst 6 months of my life due to being unable to feel safe I'm confident that the car that I'm paying for is safe and reliable. I would not recommend anyone to use this company at this time.

I cannot believe this is happening to me. And when you notify customer support their responses that they received your email and then below the email you see that your case is listed as a low priority. I would recommend that no one, no one I know and do not know to go through DriveTime. I have gone through other dealerships before and never had a car break down this much this fast after purchase.

Which leads me to think that I was ripped off. I am so early I'm greatly disappointed. I am suffering all because I was sold an unreliable car. In the past 6 months the amount of money I have spent on repairing the car paying for transportation and making car payments could have gone to put down on a safer more reliable car at Carmax or another dealership.

Now I am stuck with this car and this company and no one is moving or doing anything to rectify the problem in a speedy manner. And they continue to call for a car payment for a car that's been sitting in my yard for 2 weeks all because I have to decide do I pay for a taxi to go to work for 2 weeks or fix a car for $1,500 that a warranty that you bought refuses to cover.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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