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We apologize that you are having mechanical problems with your vehicle so soon after getting into it. DriveTime does inspect and repair our vehicles before sale or lease, however, sometimes an unpredictable mechanical issue will occur. Our lease vehicles include a Vehicle Protection Plan that covers many of the major repairs needed on the vehicle. We understand you have been in contact with a Customer Relations Representative who has explained the repair claim process and the options for returning a DriveTime Lease Vehicle if you choose. If you require further assistance please contact the Customer Relations Department at 888-290-0148.

J.P. Customer Relations

The staff at drive time is wonderful however I got a piece of *** car. The day after I purchased my car the engine light came on.

Took it to shop. They got it off some how. The next day it comes back on. I immediately called my salesperson.

He took a week to get back with me. Then I noticed the jeep wouldn't accelerate properly. The gas gauge wasn't accurate. It stayed on empty even after filling it up.

Then a week later it started leaking oil. Badly. I sent my sales PERSON an email telling them they can pick up the truck. I told him it's insafe for me to drive the truck on he highway.

No response. I haven't even had the truck a month. I took it to a mechanic. I would have to pay more than 2000+ to get that jeep running properly.

It's just sitting in my driveway until they decide they wan to come get it.

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