DriveTime is back to their same old ways. In my last compliant iwas telling you guys about the *** vehicle they sold me.

Now here is the part about trying to get it fixed. On the the 4th of September i drove to the dealership and asked to speak with the gm or manager on duty. Of course when SHxt hits the fan the Gm is never around so i spoke with the manager on duty named Dustin. I let him know that i have made compliants to the warranty dept and customer service about the problems i am having with a truck that i've only had for about 2 1/2 months.

Those problems are 1) the ac compresser has went complety out 2) the gauge cluster has a mind of its own and 3) the radio has stopped working. So i tell Dustin that i have spoke with customer service and their warranty dept and have gotten nowhere. So i tell him that my truck needs to be fixed at no cost to me or i am reporting them to the BBB and i will get an attorney. He told me that everything would be taken care of all i had to do was drop it off at the shop and all repairs would be made in a timely manner or so i thought.

So i call AAMCO where my truck is getting fixed and the guy tells me that he can't start working on my truck because their warrenty dept hasn't approved the work to be done. He also tells me that he has been trying to reach them for two days and no one has returned his telophone calls. So i hang up with him and i call the customer service and they tell me the guy has not sent them anything which is a lie.

For anyone with credit problems don't fall for this *** that Drivetime spits out. Will keep you updated on this matter

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Three years ago I ran into hard time and could not get too many company to finance a an automobile for me Drive Time was one on the company that did help me; I put down 5,500 down to get the best interest rate (8.9%) I had 3 things happen to the car the first week, the battery died they came out and give me a jump, then a week later the battery completely had to be replace they replace it for FREE. The CD player without they replace it for FREE no problem.

Then came the AC Blower they sent me to a local company but after 3 times they didn’t fix the noise that’s when I contact LEGAL SHIELD. I had my blower go out after 6 months. They replace it with an aftermarket part. The aftermarket part was making a loud noise.

I had to call the customer service and they told me their policy is if it’s not broken we don't fix. I call my attorney from a company call Legal Shield they wrote a demand letter to Drive Time Legal Department. Drive Time called me back to apologize and refer me back to the repair company to fix the problem with the factory part. My advices when purchasing something from them always contact your Lawyer and have Legal Shield fight the battle.

You can use the same company I use for $17.00 a month to get more info go to www.legalshield.com and you can sign up at www.mylegalcoverage.info Drive Time is not BAD they not the BEST but just know your rights!!!




Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns.

At DriveTime, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with great customer service. The experience you outlined here does not meet our standard of doing business

We would like the opportunity to research and address this issue directly. Please contact customer service at 888-290-0148 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,


DriveTime Customer Service

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