Drivetimne charges outrageous interest fees at 23.133% It is sad that Virginia legislative even allows this ( not to mention the rip off pay day loans interste rates but that's aniher story). Drive time CSR is rude, very inpolite, and really believes you owe them something personally.

They have 20 different people calling you for the same reason's. They calim they want to work with you but yet deny you when you request the help. They don't note the account so that the other 20 million CSR that call can see that this has already been handled. THey take advantgae of those who areles fortunate to get vehicles from real car dealerships.

Approved, approved, approved, means rip off, rip off, rip off..Dirvetime and it's employees are all cons running a dangerous game.

Teach the CSR better people skills and if their vocabulary is not greater that how come then really they shouldn't be allowed to address people over the phone. I pray and hope that Drivetime gets SHUT DOWN!!!!

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